Nostalgia # 3 - When We Traveled for the First Time


It's another memorable experience and stories that we want to share to everybody and for this week's Nostalgia, I am sharing our experience when we traveled for the first time.

I remember way back 3 years ago where me and hubby traveled for the 1st time in Manila and its our 1st time to ride in an airplane too. It was indeed a memorable experience for us.

We traveled to Manila to meet my mom there. She works in Switzerland and decided to have a 1 month vacation here in the Philippines. We usually meet her either in Cebu City or here in Cagayan de Oro. But at that time, she also wants us to see what Manila looks like that's why we went there.

I was 5 months pregnant at that time but my tummy is not so big that's why I don't have problems on it. Our first travel was sailing on ship with Superferry when we first arrive in Manila. It took around 2 days to finally reached Manila but it was fun since we met some new friends on board and we enjoyed the facilities and amenities of the ship.

When we arrived in Manila, I was adjusting on the temperature since its so very hot there. It feels like my skin is burning. We are also adjusting on our language since we speak Visayan and we have to speak Tagalog. We ride on a taxi and immediately went to NAIA to wait for my mom's arrival.

My mom's flight was delayed at that time and we waited several hours at the waiting area. Manila is just too hot. My sweat is pouring while waiting for my mom.

When my mom finally arrived, we went to a certain hotel in Ermita named Cherry Blossoms Hotel. We stayed there for almost 2 days.We went to Mall of Asia and it was our 1st time to see such a huge mall! We are actually still looking for the Map directory of the mall since we almost got lost there. We spent almost a day roaming around, eating and shopping.

That night, we went to Makati to stroll around while having some fun looking at those huge buildings,hotels,  restaurants, bars  and people around. There was still Baywalk at that time during the term of Mayor Lito Atienza and it was lined with brightly colored lamps and restaurants, bars, and open-air cafes, with live bands performing at night. It was really fun!

My mom bought a plane ticket for the 3 of us so we could go back home. And this is our 1st time to travel on an air plane. My hubby is actually scared but he has nothing to do since it is the only way where we can  go home fast cause it only takes an hour to arrive in Cagayan de Oro.  I was actually excited since its my 1st time and I really enjoyed my flight with Philippine Air Lines.

It was indeed one of my most memorable and unforgettable experience and it is treasured in my heart forever.

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