Nostalgia # 4 - Family Resemblance


It's another fun and exciting Nostalgic Memories we share here in Nostalgia and this is my entry for this week. 

As I had already shared some of our photos here in blogosphere together with my family, I know many of my mommy friends said we have the same family resemblance, in short, we have the same faces. 

I totally agree with that since most people say that we really had the same faces specially when we go out together. And it all started with the roots, who is my Mom. ^_^

I had compiled some of our old and new photos together and here it is... 

This is our latest photos together with my mom and sis

That's my younger sister and My mom on the left and my younger brother with my mom. They are both my half sister and brother. They're Half Swiss and Half Filipino. 

That's me and my Mom and Me with my daughter 

The Three of them. My sister, Mom and my daughter. Did you also noticed the smile of my daughter and sister? 

Can you see the resemblance even to my daughter? hehehe

Or should I say It's in the Genes from my mom's blood. Am I right? 



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