Nostalgia # 5 - Remembering our Old House

This is actually my in laws old house and every time I see this house, it reminds me of our old house way back when I was kid. We used to live in a squatters area and our house is like this and its full of "tagpi-tagpi"  where it has some "sin or shin" roof (that's what we call in our dialect), some bamboo or "kawayan" and "tabla" which serves as our floor.

Our old house wall is made up of amacan too and its really cold specially in the evening since the air will just passed through the many holes in it and our house was also surrounded with lots of fruit trees.

I actually missed this kind of dirty kitchen too where I used to cook rice and some viand.  I could still remember I used to get some woods in the forest and every where so I can have some firewood. My grandmother also wants me to clean this dirty "kaldero"  and "kalha" at the river and she wants it to become white and clean. If she still see that its not cleaned enough, she will let me go back to the river again to clean it thoroughly. She's gonna spank me if I can't do it perfectly.

Whoa! I just miss those days where I used to live  a simple and innocent life... hehehe!

 This is my Nostalgic moments for this week.


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