Nostalgia # 6 - Our Funny Wedding

It was such a beautiful thing to remember those wonderful memories we had specially on our wedding 5 years ago. It is not only memorable but its actually a funny wedding experience.  Our wedding ceremony and reception was held in a hotel because it is a Christian wedding wherein the officiating minister is a Pastor.

That is the shoes I suppose to wear but my feet is aching on this high heeled shoes so I just prefer to wear my black wedge shoes instead of the wedding shoes. LOL! They did not noticed it by the way since my wedding gown is too long.

After my make up and make over, Me and my make up artist went out from my hotel room and we ride on an elevator because we are the 2nd floor and the wedding place is at the 5th floor. My make up artist pressed the 4th floor instead of 5th floor, when the door opens she immediately went out while I was left because I find it hard to walk with my long gown. And due to my excitement, I accidentally pressed the 1st floor instead of 5th floor. And when the door of the elevator opens, there were some guests who wants to go inside and they were shocked to see me all alone. I was like a RUNAWAY BRIDE... hahahaha! But Thanked God I had able to reach the 5th floor. They had been asking me where I had been cause I was so late for the ceremony. 

One funny thing during our wedding was that when we are about to free the doves from the cage so that the children can get some candies and chocolates, these doves had already pooped and some of their "iti" (dont know how we call that in English) was on my wedding dress and my hubby's barong too. hahaha! We just cleaned it with a tissue after. 

When the catching of the flower bouquet was cached by cousin and the garter from one of the young people of our church, this young man was so excited to sit down and made some "tsansing" to my cousin. Look at my cousin's reaction... LOL!

Oops! and before I forget, while these bridesmaids of mine are waiting for the ceremony, they had some fun taking some wacky and naughty pics at their room.  They were all my first cousins.

And lastly, we did not have a honeymoon anymore since our wedding is READY MADE already. Our daughter was 5 months old when we got married. And after our wedding, our baby was sleeping between us. hahaha! 

Well, this is my indeed my Happy Nostalgic Moment that I could never forget. I hope you enjoyed reading my story. ^_^


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