Our Mommy Talks on Birth Control Method and Abortion

After our Church Sunday Service earlier, we had some Mommy talks of my fellow Mommies in the church. We had a new mom of her 3 months old daughter and she wants some advice about taking care of her baby, the do's and dont's and some stages of baby's developments as she grows older.

We were all sharing our experiences to her and thus, it helps her a lot as she is still learning what is it to be like a mom for the first time. We were also talking about Birth Control Method since she had also started using Oral Contraceptive Pills. I had also shared my experience since I am using Depo Shot and told her about the good and the bad thing about this Birth Control Option. I had been using this for almost 2 years now and my Og gyne had advised me stop using it since it is not good for my bones and she told me to change to another option like using pills. Another thing is that this injectable method gained me a lot of weight. I just hope that there is a birth control pill that can help me lose some weight. 

On the other hand, We were also shocked when one of our fellow mommy also shared a story of her newly found friend in school since she continue her studies in college and met her new friend who just did an abortion a few days ago and she is crying out while she is still having a bleeding. She was 5 months pregnant when she aborted her baby. She actually don't want to do it but her boyfriend wants to abort the baby. What a horrible thing they did. She took an abortion pills called Cytotec and it ended her up having some complications after she did it. Her health is in critical danger. Right now, she is in need of emotional and spiritual guidance that's why we also advised our fellow mom who is her friend to comfort her and help her in her crucial condition. 

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