Problems with our Multicab

This is actually my in laws multicab and since we don't have our own car, we just borrow it when we have an important appointment to go to. We also used it when we let our fellow church members ride on this multicab every Sunday. And for more than 2 years, we had encountered so many problems since it has been overly used where it is usually overloaded with passengers.

A few weeks ago, when my hubby droves it, it started to sound and behave like the engine is not getting enough fuel. Rather than accelerate when you press the gas pedal, the engine sound will go down, choke then die . After a while, it starts again but will only run a few meters and will stop again the same way before. The same pattern went until the engine would only start but not anymore able to move the vehicle as it dies when you try to.

The mechanic have already checked the gas line, replaced fuel filter and fuel pump, clean the gas tank and carburetor. Upon replacement of fuel pump, it ran smoothly for about 20 kilometers and the same problem came back again .

He also did overhauled the carb engine and cleaned the inner holes but still it doesn't run that good just like the way it was before. We spent so much money for this but nothing happened.I think this simply means that we have to buy a new one.  ;-(

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