Thanks for the Birthday Greetings my Friend!

I would like to thank my friend David of Basig Bloganomics who greeted me and made a lovely e-card belated birthday greetings for me. 

Thank you so much David for that very touching message birthday message you have for me. I really appreciate it so much. I also love that lovely edited photo with cake... Kiss
You are really a kind and thoughtful friend of mine.

I want to share to you my friends his birthday greetings for me. 


Though her birthday was three days ago, I wanted to get this out. Because of work and just finding out on her site about it, that is why it is just now being posted. Sorry that is late.

Nonetheless, Kayce is someone I crossed paths with when the YouSayToo Awards for a vacation package took place after the first of the year. It really got my attention that she wanted to put her potential winnings towards musical instruments for her church. As it turned out, she received a $500 donation from YST since they were so touched by her cause. She even voted for others in the contest including myself. That to me said it all about the type of sweet person Kayce is, and not to mention that she is just absolutely gorgeous, too!

So with that, Happy belated Birthday Kayce! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster 
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