Top 10 Summer Contest

Here’s how it works: everything starts with the top 10 list posts themselves. Your top 10 list post can be about anything as long as it’s unique. If you want to compile a set of videos to make your top 10 post, you can do that too – who doesn’t like a good list of videos to check out? Maybe you’ll be able to make your YouTube addiction actually pay off!

1st Prize: $150 for the best Top 10 List post. This is definitely the prize everyone will be shooting for, so the competition will be fierce.

1st Prize: Yes, you’re seeing double but your vision is not in danger – promise! It’s true – there are two first place prizes and they are both $150 – how cool is that? This top prize is saved for the best top 10 list post with videos included – who doesn’t like a good top 10 listing of crazy, funny, and downright outrageous videos?

10 Lucky Participants: $20.00 each for 10 lucky participants who make some great lists and make the contest popular.

In order to be in the running for these wonderful prizes, you need to make sure that you send a link to your entry to their email address: — this is the only way to really make sure that your entry is truly official.

Don’t forget to include a link to this post ( to let your readers know about the contest.

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