A Wedding and Portrait Photographer

I have known a local professional photographer here in our city and I really admire his great works specially on his photo captured shots. His name is Bon Aserios and He is a wedding and portrait photographer. My mom was actually planning to hire him to shoot a family portrait next year when she gets back here for her holiday. I am very much excited for that since I also love to pose like a model. hahaha!

Anyway, I would like to show to you some of Bon's Impressive Work of Art as a Photographer.

                                                 A recent wedding he captured

                                                            A pre-nuptial shot

                                                                   A Debut Shot

                                                               Pre-Debut Pose

                                                                   Portrait Shot

                                                         Beauty Pageant Shoot

You can check out more of official photo coverage from Bon Aserios website HERE

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