What will I do If I Win $100?

Every time I won something out from joining contests online whether its in a form of cash or give aways, I always look at it as a blessing from God and not just a luck. I treasured it because I want to be a blessing so I can be a blessing to others.

I remember when Me and my good blogger friend Levy received $500 each fromYouSayToo's blog contest which has a theme "What will I do if ever I win $1000?". My answer was I  want to donate a musical instruments for our church. Though I did not win the grand prize, the admin of the site was touched by my purpose that's why they donated $500 for our church needs.

Now, for the question, What will I do if I win $100? I want to have a simple "handa" food feast for my fellow church members as a  way of thanksgiving for all the blessings I had received from God. 

And since my birthday is coming near, I also want to spend a little "handa" for my family and loved ones. I want to cherish and treasure every moment of my life and I always been thankful to God because He never fails to provide my every needs and He even give me more than I could ever imagine and one of them are all these unmerited favor He had given me in winning online contests and freebies.

This is my official entry to  Noel and Levy’s Thanksgiving Contest

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