What's on My Shower Loot?

Whoa! It's time for another revelation for us Girls since our Girls Talk for this month is all about "What's inside" on our stuffs. And for this week, lets talk  about our shower loot so here's mine: 

My mom had given me this imported stuffs. And since its imported, my local shower things was set aside. hahaha! Here's a C Professional anti dandruff shampoo, an Elseve Shampoo ( I just love this shampoo because my hair is very soft and smooth and it smells good too), I also had an " I am" for volume hair conditioner and a Nivea double effect shave cream with shave. I also have my hair brush. 

I also have an Imported Molfina milk bath with scrub and my local cream silk conditioner. I still prefer using cream silk than any other hair conditioners. I forgot to say I am also a certified Pantene user! I used Pantene hair fall shampoo. I also used a soap from Silka and I like the orange one. I don't have a photo on it because I ran out of these stuffs. 

Check out my imported Signal toothpaste too! hehehe... for my local toothpaste, I always used Colgate. I also have my cotton buds and some lipstick. I actually have a lipstick for outside purposes I used every time I go out and some lipstick I wear even if I am just inside the house. I have a pale lips that's why I want to put some lipstick on it.

So, here it is my friends... Don't forget to check out other Shower loots of my other lovely Girl Talkers.

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