When You Have an Abnormal Blood Cells

We really felt so sad when we knew that my father in law's brother died a few days ago because of Leukemia. It is where certain cells in the body become abnormal. Another is that the body keeps producing  a large numbers of these abnormal cells where Leukemia Cancer is of the blood cells.

A person with this type of cancer have abnormal cells inside their bone marrow. The cells grow very fast, and replace healthy blood cells. The bone marrow, which helps the body fight infections, eventually stops working correctly. Thus, he is more prone to infections and have an increased risk for bleeding as the numbers of healthy blood cells decrease.

We noticed him before he was still alive that he is so thin and he really lose a lot of weight, he looks pale and he always have a fever. And this are some of the symptoms of Leukemia.

He has an Acute Leukemia where his blood cells are very abnormal they cannot carry out their normal work. Acute leukemia worsens quickly. Even if he had been added with 10 bags of blood using blood transfusion, his abnormal blood cells increased rapidly that's why it ended up his life. 

There are no known  reliable ways to prevent leukemia, but a healthy lifestyle choice and an understanding of key risk factors can go along way to ensure that you stay cancer-free.

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