Why Me and My Mom has the Same Personality Traits

My mom is my sister, my best friend and my Fashion guru. We have everything in common, our likes and dislikes, our hobbies and specially our personality traits because we have the same zodiac sign which is both a Gemini.

According to Explore Astrology's site, Geminis are well known for their dual nature. They seem to be constantly struggling to reconcile the two opposite and distinct parts of their personality. Because of their dual nature, they adapt well to new settings and make friends very easily.

Geminis are lively and energetic as well as versatile and intellectual. Their minds are always working, which often results in them telling people what they are thinking. Their wit and humor attract people and because Geminis are such fun to be with, they are often surrounded by many loyal friends throughout their lives which is very true for us.

Geminis are such great communicators and their minds crave information, they love to know the latest news and gossip and enjoy being able to share it with others. Because they are such good communicators, they are frequently sought out by those seeking advice.

Geminis love any means of communication, be it by the pen, computer, telephone, or face to face. Geminis gravitate to the arts such as acting, music, writing because they are so good at communication. Because of their great skills, Geminis are often able to persuade people to do almost anything.

My mom is a very good singer and dancer and I truly believe that this talent of mine that I have also came from my mom.

Geminis can be very lively and exciting, but they also can be impatient if you cannot keep up with their frenzied thoughts. They make wonderful friends because there is never a dull moment from them. Yeah right! that's why we have lots of friends with us!

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