Why We Need to have a Car

I seldom bring my daughter whenever I go out to buy something or when I pay some bills because she is just too picky in riding a public utility vehicles. Since we don't have a car, we just ride on a jeepney or a multicab. But she don't like to ride on it because she feels uncomfortable. She will say "It's too hot!" and said "Taxi lang!". She will just feel the comfort in riding a car when she rides on a taxi.

That's why I just wait for her when she falls asleep during the day and that's the time I will hurriedly dress up so I can go out and do my appointment. Because if she's with me, I need to have at least P500 budget because that includes our taxi fare back and forth plus snacks since she likes to dine out and eat a lot. Whoa!

That's why we need to have a car since she will be turning 3 years old next month and she actually wants to go to school already. And its a heavy burden for us when she goes to school where she always want to ride on a taxi.

Since we can't afford to buy a branded new car, we just prefer to buy a second hand cars from Japan and Korean Surplus. We are planning to buy a Starex van since its a family car and we have an extended family here.

The Starex van this time costs around P230,000 that includes registration from LTO. But we still can't afford it since we don't have that kind of budget so as of now, we are planning to get a car financing loan from a financing company or from the bank.I just hope that there will be no hassles in applying for a car loan so that our application will be approved immediately.

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