I first saw this funny and entertaining tv game show Wipeout last month and since then, I find this game show so exciting! Since we don't have a cable tv, we were able to watch it in Youtube.

Wipeout is an American game show series in which contestants compete in what is billed as the "World's Largest Obstacle Course".

With a touch of Fear Factor gruesomeness thrown in. Each week, contestants go through obstacle courses in a bid to win the US$50,000 prize money. I really enjoyed looking at those contestants who are executing some crazy stunts such as fighting with giant boxing gloves, or running on giant floating rubber balls. The hosts are humorous too while making some funny comments specially when the contestant fails to do it.

Wipeout is designed to literally wipe out the contestants.

You can also watch a full free episode online on The official Wipeout page on ABC.

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