Write a Review on Apple's iPhone 4G and Win Prizes!

One of my favorite social paying networking site, Mypage5 is having a contest and I am inviting you all to join this exciting contest too!

I am actually one of the senior members of Mypage5 and I had been payed several times already from that site and I had even won several contests from them. It is a social networking site just like Facebook but the good thing about this site is that they pay its members. Their minimum payout is $25 and they pay through Paypal. You can check out my payment proofs from this site on my blog achieves post.

I was not active on this site a few weeks ago because they had a problem with their server where they are experiencing a slow loading of the site but now I am happy to know that the site is now back with its new and fast server.

So in celebrating their success in sorting out the challenges they had been experiencing on the site, they are launching a new contest as outlined below:

Members are invited to write a review comprising no less than 200 words regarding Apple's iPhone 4G.

The first prize - $10.00
Second prize - $5.00
Third prize - $3.00

Easy right? so why not Sign up on Mypage5 Now and Join their Contest to earn extra Moolah!

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