You're Beautiful...But You're Fat

What will be your reaction if somebody will tell you that? I was actually one of those who had been told lately about it. Even if its my long lost friends and long time no see relatives, they were surprised to see me how I gain a lot of weight. 

Actually It hurts me a lot every time they will tell me that I am fat. But I cannot deny it since its true anyway. I just laugh it out by telling them that I had been freely indulge in the kitchen and since my daughter loves to eat, I also can't resist to eat because she will give her left over foods to me.

It's my fault anyway since I can't control my diet and I just eat anything specially when I am craving for my favorite foods. I am too lazy doing some exercise that's why its too hard for me to really lose my weight.

I had actually tried taking some slimming pills before and it effectively works on me. However, if you will stop taking it, then you will surely become fat again.

I even tried drinking some slimming coffee and it also works for me but I just don't like the taste that's why I stopped drinking it.

Right now, I had been trying my best to control my diet and watch what I eat. I know I can't easily lose my weight fast because it really needs hard work, patience, self control and determination. I hope in a few weeks now, I can see some difference in my body's weight.

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