Car Trouble

When we went out yesterday to buy some foods to prepare for my daughter's birthday, we had some car trouble where it suddenly stops and fails to start an engine. We stopped in the middle of a narrow street where most  public utility vehicles passes by. I was with my brother in law together with his wife and my daughter. It was a horrible experience for us since nobody helped us in pushing the car so what happened was, me and my brother in law's wife was forced to push the car while I am carrying my daughter.  Can you imagine us while pushing the car? It was really a hard situation for us. We had tried pushing it several times but the car still did not start. Our sweat was pouring because it was around 1pm and its a warm and hot sunny day.

This multicab has been our problem for several months now because even if it has already been repaired and overhauled, its still has a problem. I think this car wants to retire already. If only we have enough budget to buy a car even its a second hand car, we would surely buy one since we really need car this time.

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