Dengue Alert! It's Rampant here in Our Place

It has been very alarming here in our place for several days now about this rampant spreading of dengue fever which has killed several lives not only the kids but also the adult ones. Just the other day, one of our neighbor's 5 year old child died after suffering of dengue fever for 2 days. Today, I just knew that one of my favorite cooked food seller's son is positive in dengue fever that's why her small Carenderia was closed.

Ive been looking for some tips online for Prevention and Treatment for Deadly Dengue and I found this helpful tips from PhilStar and this are the things that we are doing right now to prevent spreading this killer disease. 

1) Clean up your backyard. Mosquitoes love to stay in dark and damp areas. So, if your garage is littered with boxes and assorted junks, clean them up or throw them away. Don’t let them become mosquito havens. Schedule a weekend clean-up day.

2) Empty containers with stagnant water. The dengue-carrying mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. This means that flowerpots, garbage cans, aquariums, unused swimming pools, tires, and other mud and piles are potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes. So after the rains fill them with water, throw the water away. Next time, keep these containers closed and upside down. Flower vase water should also be replaced weekly.

3) Check your surroundings for stagnant water. Some ornamental plants have this whorl or cup-like leaves that can hold water. Beautiful to behold but deadly in design. Turn them over and throw the water away. Upturned coconut shells are also notorious for holding water. Non-moving rivers, especially in squatter areas, are full of mosquito eggs.

4) Close your doors and windows. Some people open their doors in the morning for a whiff of fresh air. They also believe that mosquitoes would leave the house and go into the sunlight. But my advice is to keep your doors shut at all times. If it’s too stuffy, then place a screen door that keeps the flies and mosquitoes outside.

5) Spray insecticide regularly. To rid your house of mosquitoes, flies, and cockroaches, spray insecticides every few days. Make sure you spray those dark corners, crevices, and cabinets. You’ll be amazed at the number of vermins you’ll find dead in the morning. Just make sure that household members are not exposed to the insecticide as they are not the target. Just spray selected rooms and keep people out for at least two hours.

6) Wear pants, pajamas, long sleeves, and socks. Mosquitoes are attracted to our breath as we exhale so they know how to reach us even in the dark. And I guess they love bare, plump skin, especially that of the kids who don’t shoo them away and let them suck as much blood as they want. So better ask your school authorities to let the kids wear pants and rubber shoes. They’ll love it.

7) Put on Off lotion or use mosquito nets. If your kids are going hiking, camping or out of school, you can apply insect repellants like Off lotion. Kids like to play outdoors and are prime targets of these mosquitoes. You can wipe it on selected areas of your kid’s clothing, like the collar, sleeves, and just some on the skin. Avoid applying lotion on eyes, mouth or hands.

8) Kill those mosquitoes. When it comes to dengue, it’s either kill or be killed. Instruct everyone to kill as many mosquitoes and flies as they can. Once you’ve got them trapped in your bathroom, show no mercy. Don’t be bothered by your conscience since mosquitoes belong to the forest, not in our homes.

9) Involve the whole community. The best way to defeat dengue is if the whole barangay is aware of the threat. Ask the barangay to schedule a clean-up day. The danger is in those empty houses and lots, which are excellent breeding places for mosquitoes. Get your barangay into the act. Become a volunteer to monitor and clean up your surroundings.

10) Spread the word: Dengue fever is here. You’ll never know where dengue will strike next so better be prepared. Inform your friends, too.

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