Dengue Fever Recently Killed Our Neighbor's Daughter

I felt so sad when I heard the news today that one of our neighbor's daughter died last Monday due to Dengue fever. According to the news, 10 residents have already succumbed to deadly mosquito bites here in our city. It has been rampant here because of the rainy season.Dengue fever is caused by a bite from an infected Aedes mosquito. This species of mosquito has black and white stripes on its legs and body. It bites during daylight hours. Its preferred breeding waters are clean, stagnant waters in shady areas.

Dengue Fever is a fatal disease and it deserves an immediate medical treatment. To cope with dengue, prevention of being bitten by a Aedes mosquito or any other infected mosquito is better than curing the disease. We have to guard against collection of stagnant water within the house. Flower vases, plant plates, receptacles, rainwater and gully traps within bathrooms invite breeding. For water receptacles, change the water daily.

Outside the house, watch out for holes, accumulation of leaves, exposed rubbish and stagnant gully traps. These are sources of stagnant water for mosquito breeding.There are sprays and insecticides to kill mosquitoes and larvae. These are cheap preventive measures as compared to the high costs of hospitalization and danger to human lives.

We have to extra careful here since we have to help in battling this dengue-causing mosquito species by eliminating possible breeding sites here in our place. 

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