My Dentures or False Teeth

Ever since I was a kid, I was not blessed in having a nice set of teeth since I just love eating sweet foods like candies and chocolates that's why I ended up having a denture when I was in high school. It is just weird since most of my damaged teeth was located on my upper teeth while my lower set of teeth has no problems but I just have some crooked teeth which I also do not like to see.

I had actually tried putting some braces on my lower teeth before but it is just too complicated since I already have my dentures on my upper teeth. I find it hard to talk and eat that's why I don't have a choice but to leave my crooked teeth and just focus on my dentures since my upper teeth is most seen by many.

These dentures had been with me for more than 15 years now but I had let it replaced twice since its starting to loose because I did not use a ring on my dentures. I had a bad experience before when I tried putting a ring on it because my teeth has been severely damaged. Right now, I am using an adhesive dental powder to prevent it from being loose.

I thanked my dentist for his good job because many people can't believe that I have some dentures since it is not visible and it looks like a natural permanent teeth of mine.

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