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Girls Talk

My grandmother was the one who raised me and took care of me because my mom left me to work abroad. When my grandma died last 2000, I started to live my life independently. I was 3rd year high school at that time. Life was so hard for me even if my mom was there to support me financially but its so hard being alone. But I have to stand up and continue my studies so I can finish my high school and pursue my degree in college. And because of that, I learn how to manage my money to budget everything. I was never an over spender where I just buy anything that I want. I am even ashamed to ask money from my mom. I always think that the money she sent to me was out from her sweat and hard work .

After I graduated in college, I got married and decided to start a business. With the help of my mom, I had able to start up an internet cafe business. Me and my hubby are the one who manage it and until today, this is still our primary source of income. My hubby also accepts computer repair, reformat and maintenance which is also a great help for our needs. While I also sell some of our stuffs in ebay, and of course I also earn money out from my blogging career and also from other money earning sites.

My in laws has a curtain making business for several years now and I am thankful for my hubby since he also got the skills and talents in sewing huge curtains for hotels and rich people here in our place. He helped his father and he also receives some moolah out from his work. The photo below with my daughter was the hard earned money from my hubby's curtain sewing job.

As the mom, I am always in charge of all the expenses, the marketing, the budgeting and everything. It's not actually tough job for me since I already know how to manage it because of my experience being an independent woman at a young age.

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