I Need a Laptop for my Daughter

I had been struggling these days because I can't spend more time online since my daughter is the one who occupies my laptop to watch her favorite cartoons in Youtube. She doesn't want to watch on TV because she just want to watch on my lappy. Oh my! I really need to buy her own laptop so she would not disturb me anymore. 

                                                      Photo grabbed from Sis Niko's blog

I remember  when I saw Sis Niko Ganda’s blog about her daughter Yena's Laptop and that's just what I want for my daughter too. It's actually not a laptop but its a portable dvd player. I asked Sis Niko how much is Yena's Laptop and she said the price is around $100. Gosh! It's quite expensive that's why I need to have more paid tasks so I can buy this for Sydelle.

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