I Need to Learn How to Draw!

Gosh! this is really embarrassing but I need to learn how to draw the basics. Why? because my daughter wants me to draw anything that she wants. Though it's easy to say and draw the basic forms like house, cat, mouse, and some of her favorite characters like Mickey mouse, Donald duck and many others, but she wants me to draw the perfect form. Whoa! She even criticized my drawing when I draw a dog that looks like a mouse and when I draw Mickey mouse that looks like a fat cat. She even wants me to draw her Papa and I ended up drawn a stick man which has a basic face. nyahaha!

She just told me, " It's not the right one and its ugly!" Oh my! how could you respond to that? I have to accept the truth since I don't have a talent in drawing that's why its time for me to start learning the basic way. Good thing I had able to find an Easy Cartoon Drawing Tips and Techniques which was featured in Youtube. This tutorial shows some few simple shapes that anyone can manage where we can learn to draw literally anything we want to, with increasing confidence and enjoyment. Every object you look at around you - a house, animal, a face, boat, mountain, tree and so on can easily be constructed by using one or a combination of just five basic shapes.

Here's a video on one of their basic easy cartoon drawing.

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