In Raising Our Daughter as a Good Christian Child

My daughter was so blessed since she grow up with a good Christian parents like us. I remember when she was 2 years old, she loves to sing with me while I am singing in front of our church congregation since I am the worship leader of our church. She also enjoyed dancing while all of us are singing praises to God. She even lift up her hands and close her eyes when we sing a worship song. When all of us praying, she also close her eyes and pray. The same thing she also did when we pray before meals and before sleeping.

When I asked her where is Jesus? She will held her head up high and point to the sky and said, "He's in Heaven" and when she saw a photo or a video of a Cross, she will tell me, "That's Jesus!". And when I told her that its Sunday and its time to go to church, she will hurriedly get up and look for her Sunday dress because she is excited to go with us. Isn't that wonderful to see how she grow up in a Christian way? She doesn't know anything about speaking bad words since she never hear that from us. I just pity those children who are speaking expletive words which will eventually serves as their expressions when they grow up.

There's nothing more challenging in life than raising children.This is a day by day, child by child experience, and we are all continually learning. In our home we strive to follow some guidelines, however, we are not perfect parents or perfect people. As with all areas of our life, we ask God for guidance because He is the ultimate resource for our precious little ones.

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