Irresponsible Husband

My heart is bursting with anger when I heard the sad news that my childhood friend who is now 7 months pregnant was left by her husband to be with his mistress. And this mistress is just too brazen-faced knowing that she is also a friend who betrayed my friend. She knows that they are married couple but she still flings to my friend's hubby. And his hubby was also stone-hearted and indeed an irresponsible husband who just left her pregnant wife alone.

I really felt so pity of my friend because I could really feel her pain and suffering this time. Research has shown that depression and anxiety during pregnancy can increase the risk for preterm labor. If its untreated, these conditions can hamper the ability to care for herself and her developing baby.That's why we always encourage her not to be depressed too much because it will greatly affect her pregnancy.We, her friends are always there to give her an emotional and spiritual support. We know its really hard to face the reality but life has to move on and we know she has a strong and courageous spirit where she can survive and overcome her trials and problems.

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