Massage Therapy as an Extra Source of Income

I remember when my mom had a holiday here a year ago, she enrolled in a 10 day rigid training for Massage Therapy Tips and Techniques. Her trainer was a certified Massage Therapist and specialist who also trained most of the Massage Therapist on some of the  famous Spa and Massage here in our city.

She wants to learn how to do it because she will apply it when she get back home in Switzerland. She has so many co workers and friends who are complaining on their back pains where they want to have a relaxing massage. Their massage and spa is very expensive in their country. It costs around $100.00 for the back alone. That's why my mom was very much eager to learn since it will also serve as her extra source of income and she can do it when she  can took her day off from her work.

I was actually the model from her therapy session and training that's why I also love it and at the same time I am also studying how they do it. During the session, I remove most of my clothing and lie on a massage table, usually with some sort of thin sheet draped over my body. The massage takes place in a quiet and comforting environment.

The massage consists of applying gentle to medium pressure of the hands to the body, gently manipulating the tissue to promote relaxation and it covers a wide range of areas on my body including the back, legs, arms and neck.

An aromatherapy treatment was also added to the massage therapy. A High quality aromatherapy oils really heightens the holistic experience of the massage as it allows for greater relaxation and restoration of my energy.

I really enjoyed the session and training since I had been the example and best of all, my mom learned a lot and she actually applied it until today where some of her friends are requesting to have a relaxation massage from her. 

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