My Birthday Wishlist

 I actually celebrated my 27th birthday last month but since some of my wishlist was not yet granted, I will continue wishing and hoping for my wish to come true. I will just wait patiently for it because I know God will give me my hearts wish and desire in His own will and time.

The most important thing there is, I am so thankful to God that for my life's extension where He is still giving me the strength, the good health and the burning fire and Love in serving Him wholeheartedly.

What do I want to have for my birthday and why?

Well, Here are some of them: 

1. I want to get back my body in shape. I wish there's a magic in doing it but it needs a lot of  exercise and diet where it requires hard work, courage and self determination. I hope I would be able to do it.

2. We want to have a new addition to the family. If God permits, we want to have a baby boy. 

                               since we already have a beautiful daughter
and she is now starting to like babies so I think its about time so she can  have a playmate soon.

 3.  One of my wishes is to have a fun family vacation too 

                                         We want to visit Hongkong Disneyland

                                                                       in Macau

          And to have a 3 months vacation at my Mom's place in Switzerland

4.  And my ultimate birthday wish? 

A car. Why we need to have one? 

Since we don't have a car, we just ride on a jeepney or a multicab. But my daugther don't like to ride on it because she feels uncomfortable. She will say "It's too hot!" and said "Taxi lang!". She will just feel the comfort in riding a car when she rides on a taxi.

That's why I just wait for her when she falls asleep during the day and that's the time I will hurriedly dress up so I can go out and do my appointment. Because if she's with me, I need to have at least P500 budget because that includes our taxi fare back and forth plus snacks since she likes to dine out and eat a lot. Whoa!

That's why we need to have a car since she will be turning 3 years old next month and she actually wants to go to school already. And its a heavy burden for us when she goes to school where she always want to ride on a taxi. I just hope we can buy even if it is just a second hand car from Korean or Japan Surplus.

Well, this is it... My Wishlist for another wonderful birthday to come and by God's grace and His unmerited favor, I am sure He will grant it. 

This is my official entry to Sis Ellen's Birthday Contest


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