Development Stages of my Daughter

Sydelle will turn 3 years old next week and lately, I could see her improving stages of development as she grows older where she talks and moves like an old mature woman. hahaha!

According to Child's Development Info, It is important to keep in mind that the time frames presented below are averages and some children may achieve various developmental milestones earlier or later than the average but still be within the normal range.

Below is an overview of  a child development from 2 to 3 years old.

*Physical and Language

Motor Ability: jumps off a step, rides a tricycle, uses crayons, builds a 9-10 cube tower.
( on my daughter's side )   she loves to draw using colored pens and ball pen and write anywhere she likes, she prefers to ride on a taxi rather than on other PUV's, she loves riding on an escalator again and again rather than on fun rides. It saves us though since we don't have to buy some tokens. LOL!

Language: starts to use short sentences controls and explores world with language, stuttering may appear briefly. 
( on my daughter's side ) yes she can talk indeed on some short sentences and she's trying hard to talk in complete full sentences and she listens on any correction of words I am uttering to her as she follows the right word too. 

Fear of Separation.

Sydelle is such a Mama's girl. She even cry while looking out for me even if I am only at the comfort room. She always want to be with me where ever I go that's why if I want to go out alone, I just wait until she falls asleep.

Self-sufficient in many routines of home life.

She gets used in her everyday home life routines. Watching her favorite cartoon movies and education videos everyday, and also helped me in doing some household chores like sweeping the floor and folding and hanging her clothes.

Affectionate toward parents.

My daughter is such a very sweet and loving child. She loves kissing me on the lips and she loves to hug and cuddle with me from time to time. Same thing she also did on her Papa.

Jealousy of other child / baby.

There was a time when I carry the baby of my friend, she cried a lot and I really look pity on her because I could see and feel she really felt jealous on the baby.

Imaginary fears of dark, injury, etc. 

She would really gets scared when I say there's a "Mumu" right there and when she gets injured, she wants to get the medicine to cure it.

Copies parents' actions.

Yeah right! She sees me when I put some make up and lipstick and she want that I will also put it to her. Geez! She even loves to put a nail polish on her nails and toes, loves wearing my high heels, accessories etc.

Dependent, clinging, possessive about toys, enjoys playing alongside another child.

Well, in my daughter's case, she has lots of toys here but she doesn't like it since she loves make up and grabbing my stuffs.  Oh My! But she enjoys playing along with another kid.

Resists parental demands.

Sometimes my daughter would resist what she wants. I told her its No-No but she's still stubborn and trying to get what she wants to do. I have to scold and spank her, she cries but then she will listen and behave after.

Rigid insistence on sameness of routine. Inability to make decisions.

Yes sometimes I have to ask her what she really wants like when she wants to watch Toy Story, but then after a while, she wants to watch and sing with her favorite nursery rhymes.

Children at this stage like my daughter really need lots of playtime. This includes playing alone, with peers and with their parents. Listening to music and playing with musical toys is also great. Finally,  we have to get our kids playing outside as much as possible. Just a couple of well chosen outdoor play items such as these Outdoor Fun can lead to hours of fun, exploration and physical development.

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