Not Earning Much Online

Well, its sad but its true. Honestly I am not earning much online every month since I don't have my own domain blog. I am earning a little amount of money in Microworkers but sad to say, most of the tasks there needs to have a self hosted / domain blog and not hosted in Blogger or Wordpress. I am also earning money from Mypage5 but it took me almost a month to reach the minimum payout.

That's why many of my mommy blogger friends here advised me to make a new domain blog so I can grab some paid opportunities in PayU2Blog,Social Spark, Inpost links and other paid opps site. Just today, I asked helped from Mommy Rubz of The Domain Angel and she helped me transferred my new domain name to my blog here in blogspot.So as of now, I am just starting to build up my new blog and it takes more time before I can grab some opportunities and be able to earn some more "moolahs" every month. 

Well, patience is a virtue and I am positive enough where I can finally reach my goal in earning more money online.

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