On and Off Fever

My daughter is having an on and off fever today. It happened earlier at dawn time when she's not feeling well. She keeps on tossing and turning around in her sleeping position. When she's sick she's so willful and she wants to be with me every time. She also wants to let me tap her butt so she can fall asleep. I already let her take a paracetamol suspension to reduce her fever. I am also monitoring her body temperature from time to time because sometimes its so high and suddenly it drops so low.

I let her massage her whole body from our friend who is a masseur and she told me that she has a crippled part of her back. She also has some lymph nodes on her neck and underarms so I think that's reason why she had a fever.But we are still not confident enough since dengue fever is very rampant here in our place. I hope and pray that she is not positive in it. We are still observing her health condition this time. I hope she will get well soon.

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