Some Helpful Tips on How to Lose that Bulging Tummy

I am actually one those mommies who are having some problems on how to lose their weight. My main fat problem is my bulging tummy where some people would think that I am pregnant. Gosh! I really hate that when people are telling me that. I can't wear my sexy and fitting blouse anymore because of my protruding tummy that looks so awful.

I was searching online for some tips on how to get rid of this bulging tummy of mine and I'm glad I had found some helpful tips from Gary Cheung who is a fitness professional from New York City. Here are some of his tips on How to Lessen that Pooch Belly.

1. The first step is to exercise perfectly and follow the exclusive stomach exercises. These exercises include brisk walking, sit-ups and abdominal crunches. Brisk walking is a great way to regulate body metabolism and burn excess fats especially belly fats.

Sit-ups and abdominal crunches do not actually help in burning excess fats but are essential in strengthening abdominal muscles and flattening the bulge. Belly flattening exercises need not always be well defined. Even some normal household work and chores are great belly exercises.

Work like gardening and other work which involves physical activities like bending, lifting, twisting etc are all great exercises for flattening the belly bulge.

2. The individuals must be very careful of their diet. They must refrain from eating fatty and high calorie foodstuffs. They must strictly have a diet which contains lots of fresh and green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and less oily substances. They must avoid sweets and keep it to a minimal.

Individuals must avoid desserts, creamy and fried foodstuffs. These are the main causes for developing belly pouch and thus must be avoided at all costs. Excess sugar is the most important reason for developing a large tummy and hence sugars must be kept at a low minimum.

Well, I will try to do my very best in doing this tips specially in doing the stomach exercise and of course I must be very careful of my diet. I hope this will also works for you.

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