A Special Gift Ideas for My Mom

It was my mom's birthday last month but sad to say I never got the chance to give her a gift since at that time, she already went back home in Switzerland. She usually spend her 1 month holiday here every year and this time, I am thinking ahead what to give as a Special Gift for Mom next year when she comes back for her holiday. I want something unique and memorable for her. I want to buy unique gifts from San Antonio perhaps because I can find some posters and some colorful pins and craft for my personalized homemade card I will be making soon.

I am planning to make a lovely poem for her where I can do some art and design that will look like a scrapbook where I can put our family photos and it would be a great idea if I can also let my daughter draw and write an "I Love You" message with a heart in it. Isn't that a cute idea? I know my mother would surely love it since she treasured every little things that is given to her.

My mother likes to swim too and maybe she needs a waterproof video camera since last month when she had her holiday here, her camera fell on the water and it is a sea water that's why the battery has been damaged. She actually just gave the camera to me since she cannot used it anymore. And since her camera was damaged, she used her touchscreen mobile phone and the same thing happened when it accidentally got wet on the seawater. The LCD was damaged and now she had let it repaired to the service center since it has still a warranty.

A waterproof video camera is indeed a good choice for her since she loves capturing photos and recording videos at the beach. This will be my other special gift for her and I would like to make it as a surprise gift  when she comes back next year. 

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