Tongue Twisters

When most people think of Tongue Twisters is a childhood image that comes to mind where you will attempt to recite a tricky rhyme or phrase as fast as possible without tripping over the verbal challenges and hurdles lurking within these tongue-tying sentences, such as Cheryl's chilly cheap chip shop sells Cheryl's cheap chips.

By combining the effects of the repetition of a sound, particularly of similar but not identical sounds, with a phrase designed such that it is made very easy to slip, perhaps making a Spoonerism accidentally, these sentences and poems can be guaranteed to provide us with lots of fun and laughter.

But Tongue Twisters are not only for light-hearted linguistic fun and games. They also serve as a practical purpose in practicing pronunciation. English tongue twisters may be used by foreign students of English to improve their accent, actors who need to develop a certain accent, and by speech therapists to help those with speech difficulties.

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