I Would Like to be the New Mom of The Twitterer

Mommy Gee who is the owner of the The Twitterer would like to adopt her Page Rank 3 Blog since she has no time in maintaining it due to her tight and busy schedule. 

I would be glad to be the New Foster Parent as the New Mom of this blog since I only have 1 blog and I can surely spend my time everyday in taking care of her. As a Blogger myself, I know the importance of having a Page Rank ratings because it is a great way of earning money online for posting and advertisement opportunities. My personal blog (the one you are reading right now) is my one and only personal blog who also has a PR3 rank. My plan is to help both of these blog increase its page rank and I know and I'm sure I would be able to do it.

For more information, please check out At Home With Georyl

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