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Car Race Machine

Here's a photo of my daughter who wants to play on this car racing machine.  Check out more of red entries on Work of the Poet's blog. Happy Tuesday everyone!

In Buying and Investing on Gold Bullion Coins

Some people loves to collect gold bullion coins which serves as their hobby or as a collector's item, but for those of you who wants to buy gold bullion coins, it can become a good future investment for you. There are a lot of options for where you can buy gold bullion coins. If you buy Gold Bullion Coins , make sure that you check the authenticity of the coins. If you need to seek advice from a knowledgeable trader, then do so. All the advice and help you can get from people who have more knowledge with this kind of business will lessen your risk of you buying fake coins. One reputable online site is which has a large selection of American and other country gold coins. This site is also committed to their customer's needs and they had the experience and expertise to serve any precious metals and investment needs. If you want to invest on gold bars, Gold IRA is the best one since in the history, gold prices never goes down. You can also get some help an

Church Family Outing

After our Church Sunday service in the morning, all of us were prepared and excited for our first family outing together with our fellow church members. We really enjoyed swimming at the beach, eating together and had a fun chat. It was a great bonding for us and this would help us get even more closer together as we are all united as a family with one heart and one spirit. Our Young Pastor wearing sunglasses Bon Appetit! I'm on a diet that's why I just used a cup instead of plate...LOL! The beach was crowded too but still enjoyed swimming even if its too hot Our Little Senorita... ^_^

Learn How To Dance with Dancexcite

Dancing is a skill anyone can attain. Learning how to dance is like learning how to drive where at first you proceed slowly and cautiously, but with practice, you’ll be doing it automatically.When you learn to dance, you may find yourself out dancing a Waltz romantically at a Wedding or Function, or maybe showing off some sexy Latin moves at a club.  Whatever you aim to achieve from dancing, Dancexcite is there to assist you in achieving that goal. They do this through private lessons. This is the time where you have the teacher all to yourself. You may choose to have a one on one lesson by yourself, maybe you would prefer to ask a partner or a friend or even a whole group of friends. Dancexcite teaches many dance styles including Latin  and Ballroom, Rock and Roll, Salsa, Hip Hop, and Zumba. Learning to dance with Dancexcite is a fun and memorable experience because they make sure each lesson you have with them is relaxed and enjoyable for everyone.

Got an Old Unused mobile Phone? Why Not Sell Them

I still have 2 old and unused mobile phones here that I wanted to sell online. Thanks to my friend who suggested this new cell phone auction site where you can post your basic listings with photos and video for free. It is a niche site that only focus on cell phones and accessories. By using this service you can sell your cell phone for cash! So instead of just keeping your phone on your drawer, why not sell your cell phone for cash here to someone who is looking for one. Unlike any other classified ads that Ive known, the reach of this cell phone auction site, is global so you can sell your cell phone to anyone online.It is a indeed a great place where you can get what your old cell phones and accessories are worth, without paying basic listing fees. So why not check it out now!

Upgrading on our Internet Subscription

We are a subscriber of PLDT myDSL for several months now and from what we had experienced from their service, it was good at first but recently, we had been experiencing an intermittent connection from them. Well, maybe because of their on-going reconstruction and expansion  since they are the 1st internet service provider that uses wired connection here in our place.  We currently subscribed on their high speed plans Xperience which costs P999 per month for up 1 mbps. Though their internet speed was quite fast but we are planning to upgrade it for up to 2mbps which costs P 1995 per month so we can have even more faster internet speed since we are using it both for personal use and for our business.

Medical Nursing Uniforms and Scrubs

I am so glad when I found out that my cousin recently passed the Nurse Licensure Examination given by the Board of Nursing last month. She is finally a Registered Nurse and I am so proud of her. Now that she can start to have her own career in becoming one of the nursing staff where she can handle typical responsibilities in providing nursing care to patients, it is also the right time that she should buy a medical nursing uniforms for her job soon. I recently stumbled upon this site that offers the best medical apparel products such as uniforms and scrubs which has an exceptional, high quality and stain resistant fabric clothing. They also provide the most finest and most fashionable scrub sets which is comfortable to wear for all medical professionals who needs it. I have to tell my cousin to check out to see for herself so she can choose the best nursing uniform and design of her choice. Aside from their huge collection and availability of scrub hats, www.

Mommy Moments - Toys and Gadgets

For this week's Mommy Moments theme is all about our kids favorite toys and gadgets and here are some of Sydelle's fun play things... Her scooter. She don't know how to use it yet that's why I just bind it with a little rope so I can pull here scooter so she can have a fun ride... hehehe! My pink panasonic flip phone. It was already broken that's why I just let her play on it.  Lots of stuff toys, teddy bears, animal toys, dolls, cartoon character toys but unfortunately she doesn't like to play this toys that much. She actually prefers playing with my gadget like my mp4, mobile phone, digicam, and she loves to check out what's inside my bag because she wants to put on make up and lipstick on her face...waaaaaaaaah!

Cleaning the Unit Fan of our Pc

The most important component of a computer's hardware system is its fan. And when this thing gets clogged with dirt and dust, it can slow down our computer's performance. We experienced that here in our shop where some of our pc's run slowly and sometimes it freezes. My hubby will immediately check out the cpu if its already full of dust. He will use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. A dirty fan doesn't rotate fast enough to keep that motor cool and a completely clogged fan just stops rotating altogether. That's why it is important that we have to clean it because the pc fan is responsible for keeping a computer's motor cool and this motor is what keeps the computer's hard drive and peripherals functioning the way it used to be. 

"A Very Merry Unbirthday to you Giveaway"

I'm joining   I Know All The Words "A Very Merry Unbirthday to you Giveaway" and I'm inviting you to join her fabulous give aways! Check out this amazing items to be given away! * Books "Oh La La Perfect Hair" and "Oh La La Perfect Makeup" * Mario Badescu Travel set with Summer Shine Lotion, AHA Botanical Body Soap, and Hydrating Hand Cream * St. Ives Restore 24 Hour Moisture Advanced Body Moisturizer * Upper Canada Soap All About Feet Peppermint Warming Foot Scrub * Philosophy Amazing Grace Shampoo, Bath and Shower Gel (Mini) * Pantene Medium-Thick Frizzy to Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner (Travel Size) * Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Makeup Remover + Anti-Wrinkle Treatment * ELF Tools Mechanical Eyelash Curler * Essie nail polish #90 Really Red * Very Cherry Pedicure Set * Quo All Over Colour Stick in Venus * Quo Jumbo Lipgloss Stick in Pink Petal * Avon Super Extend Mascara * Avon Super-Curlacious Mascara * Avon Ultr

Night Cafe at Divisoria

I will be out later to go shopping at the night market at Divisoria's Night Cafe. Woohoo! I'm so excited because its been a long time that I haven't visited the place and do my shopping spree there. During the weekends, the streets of Divisoria are closed as the people gather around our city’s famous night cafĂ© to enjoy listening to live band music, eating delicious chicken ala carte and barbecue and of course there's a lot of stuffs and items for sale there specially on Ukay-Ukay clothes,shoes,bags and a lot more. You can also see gift items, and other stuffs from shoes to caps, shirts, blouses to jeans and shorts, bed sheets, burloloy, and VCD/ DVD’s. I know there's gonna be a lot of bargains and sales today because our city is having a Fiesta celebration. 

Get Paid to Blog and Receive Payment in EURO!

I saw this blog posted and shared in Facebook by Mommy Pehpot and I am glad to see her payment proof from this Paid to Blog site named Ebuzzing where it allows bloggers to monetize their blog and money by blogging in support of campaigns initiated by their advertisers. When you sign up, just submit your blog and wait for their approval. I signed up yesterday but I am still having some problems in signing up because I can't find the number of page views per month from my blog, the amount of pages views per month and the number of readers registered to my RSS feed. If you know where to find it, could you please help me my friends? Thanks! By the way, the minimum payment for an article is 10€.You can also use ebuzzing direct and set your own price at which you will write articles. You will be paid by the 15th of the month. You will have from the first business day of the month up until the 14th of the same month to request payment When your article is validated by ebuzzing, th

Join Melcole's First Give Away Contest

My good blogger friend Melcole of  Heart's Content of a Mama is having her First Give away Contest in celebration of her blog's second anniversary. She will be giving away these fabulous beauty products and two special prizes. First Prize: Maybelline New York eyeliner and mascara, Ardell's fashion lashes starter kit, L'oreal infallible lipstic, L'oreal eyeshadow, Diandra eyeshadow trio, blue mountain arts wallet card, magnet souvenir from Warren, PA. She will also include the two Beanie baby's Hello Kitty plush toys. Second Prize: L'oreal eye shadow, Madeleine Mono cosmetics viva diva eye shadow collection and color plus lipstick, Diandra mascara black, Diandra eye crayon, Hallmark Disney princess sticker sheet, blue mountain arts wallet card, magnet souvenir from Warren, PA and a Beany baby Hello Kitty plush toy key chain. Third Prize: L'oreal lipstick, Avon lipstick, Avon true color blush, Avon blendable eyeshadow duo, Bl

Eberhard Replica Watches

When you see original watches in a newspaper, who do you think pays for that advertisement? If you think the advertising company, then you live in a different world! What happens is that the advertising cost is eventually transferred to you. In simple words, the amount of money the company spends on the advertisement is added to the price of the original watch which is paid by you. So it is not necessary that if you are paying a lot for a watch you are actually paying for its quality. The high cost is just helping the company to cover up the cost of advertising and other promotional activities. I have mentioned the above fact for a very simple reason, and the reason is that when it comes to fake watches, there is no advertising or promotional cost and you only pay for what it is worth. And since Eberhard replica watches are made of fake material, you do not need to pay much for them. The above argument should be enough for you to actually not buy an original but go for an Eberhard

Wordless Wednesday - Cool Guys

A souvenir photo of our fellow Christian friends from Australia who came to visit our city and had a revival concert. These guys are just cool! As you can see they even ride at the top of the jeepney.

Learn to Sing Like a Pro!

I think some of you have known me already that I am the worship leader of our church. I lead the praise and worship service every Sunday where I use to sing continuously for about 30 minutes or more. I actually can't sing like Pro. I can't even reach the original key and note of a certain high pitch song. However, I can still manage it because my hubby who plays the guitar will adjust the key and chords of the song so I can sing it with my key. I actually want to have a vocal training so I can learn some singing techniques . I heard that with singing lessons it costs more expensive with less few hours of lessons. A friend of mine shared to me about this software product where I can learn how to sing and improve my vocal technique just by following the singing exercises provided in the course. So, if you my friends have the talent too, you can learn easily. Maybe you were a born singer, you may sing well already but if you would like to get the right singing techniques just l

Major, Major Problem

I just watched the live streaming video coverage of Miss Universe 2010 earlier and I was thrilled and happy to see that Miss Philippines was included in the Top 5 finalists. There were many Filipinos fans who showed their support for Miss Philippines but her answer for the Q and A portion was not that good enough. The question: Miss Philippines Venus Raj: What is one big mistake you've made and what did you do to make it right? Her Answer: In my 22 years of existence, there is nothing major, major problem that I have done in my life. Because I am very confident with my family and the love they are giving to me. So thank you so much. I think it would better if she answered like this: "Maybe my biggest mistake is when I almost surrendered to fight for my crown as BB. Pilipinas Universe after they dethroned me for my title.. but thanks to my Best friend, Melody Gersbach who died last August 21, 2010 on car accident for pushing me and believing in me that I can take the cro

Want to Buy an External Hard Drive

We want to buy an external hard drive because we need it as a backup option for our computer. This is a great choice for us since we have so many programs, installers and files from our i-cafe business and we know it really helps in backing up our data faster and easier. Unlike cd's and hard drives where we used to save our files, external hard drive makes our data far more portable in larger quantities than before. We will no longer be limited in storing a few hundred megabytes or even several gigabytes. We can look forward to a portable and reliable storage capacities ranging into terabytes. We are actually  frustrated on our  desktop computer and  network file server backup job and we think that this external drive will work a lot easier for us. I am still searching for a good brand and model do some research and reviews online before we finally decide to purchase. I will look for some reviews and especially on any feedback on how reliable the drive is.

Mommy and Me

Serious looking baby? hehehe... were just having some fun with the cam.. my entry for Hosted by Krystyn at Really, Are You Serious?

Detox Products and Diets

Did you know that detox products are no longer seen as paraphernalia for vanity's sake but are for legitimate needs? Since it is a need, you should not feel guilty for purchasing stuff that can revive your energy and make you feel well. There are drug test detox products which  are made of select herbs and other organic ingredients with cleansing and purifying properties.  If you are a habitual drinker, you should definitely try detoxification diets or products specifically aimed at eliminating traces of alcohol in your system. But you should also make sure to avoid drinking alcohol after your detox program.  Detoxification diets and products are available not only to cleanse our systems, but also to teach us a thing about self-discipline. Everyday, people encounter all kinds of pollutants that bring harm to their bodies. That is precisely why you need to undergo detoxification no matter how  healthy you think you are.

Your One-Stop Source for Printer Solutions

For business owners like us specially on our field of internet and computer service, printers is a very helpful tool in providing data solutions for our customers. We are glad that we found which is an online leading resource for barcode labels , receipt printer, label printer where they we have assembled the leading products from top vendors for our one-stop resource for printer solutions. They also offer media labels, ribbons, as well as label printing software and much more. If you looking  also looking for barcoding, mobile computing, wireless data, Point-Of-Sale and security, you came to the right place at where they provides a full spectrum of solutions ranging from a single piece of hardware to a various solution consisting of hardware, software and professional services.

Why We Use Deep Freeze instead of Anti-Virus

We used an anti virus software before like AVG and ESET NOD32 for our i-cafe pc's but we are still having some problems on the viruses that keeps on ruining our pc's. Even if we always update the anti virus but still viruses gets in and my hubby feels so sick and tired on it where he keeps on reformatting and installing the programs all over again. A friend told us and recommend that we try to use Deep Freeze because it protects against all kind of malwares, unauthorized installations, viruses, spyware, and most of all, the trojan horse virus. This is just the right application we need because some of our customers are installing software's and programs while others just simply plug their usb's without our knowledge. There was one time when a customer wants to print out her documents from her usb and even if I already scanned her usb,  when I opened the file, the virus is still there and the worst thing it immediately spread out on our servers pc. All our saved files

The Secret in Winning Contests Online

If you are a follower and a regular visitor of my blog, you would noticed that I posted lots of blog contest and give aways here. Why? Because I am fond of joining contests online . Some of my blogger friends  told me that I am lucky  enough because I always win. Well, actually not at all times. I won some but I also lose some.  There were some of my mommy friends who are very lucky enough every time they join some contests because they always win. I just wish I could be like them. I actually asked one of my mommy friend from Facebook who just won several times in different contests about her secret why she always win.  She told me that the secret is you just have to keep on joining and joining. Enter contest regularly, and don't lose patience. The secret in winning is patience, perseverance, and must have a positive attitude. Especially when you've never won a prize, it can seem like a waste of time if you don't win as quickly as you'd hoped. Sometimes, people win

Join First Ever Contest !

Image is authored by Bella Enveeus who is a Malaysian Malay girl who just love to write and make online business as well. Right now she is having her First ever contest as an introductory to her blog. The mechanics of the contest is very easy. The contest is divided into two parts : * For Malaysian bloggers * For International (all non-Malaysian) bloggers Prizes : Malaysian Bloggers First : RM200 cash One written post dedicated for winner. Second : RM150 cash Winner's link placed at the top of my blog for 15 days. Third : RM80 cash International Bloggers First : USD25 cash 10,000 EC credits Second : USD15 cash 5,000 EC credits Third : USD 10 cash 2,500 EC credits A Special Prize will also be given out to those who will share this contest on Facebook, retweet this contest and the HIGHEST referrer will win a one month (30 days) FREE ad space on her sidebar and one written post dedicated to the winner. This Special Prize is for one (1)

Shoot Me! 15 of 52

Me having some fun taking shots using my daughter's cutie pink little crown.. hehehe!

Dental Care for our Children

It is extremely important that we have to understand the basics of children’s dental and oral care so they can have a strong dental habits in the future. We begin to educate ourselves with the various fundamentals of Pediatric Dentistry such as oral hygiene where we let our children brush their teeth twice a day and have a regular dental check ups so they can build a good oral hygiene at an early age. Tooth cavities can be easily be prevented by good oral health.You can use toothpaste that contains fluoride. However, there are some additional steps that can be incurred to maintain our child’s tooth against cavities. Although the children can develop a good oral habits at an early age, it is equally important that they have to break the bad habits like going to bed with a feeding bottle, thumb sucking or the finger sucking habit and even swallowing the tooth paste. In case your child develop cavities in his baby teeth, it is important that you visit a dentist and get his cavities fi

Wordless Wednesday - Guilty Pleasure

"Oh oh! I'm sorry Mom I ate your ice cream... I wanted for more that's why I grabbed yours! lol! "

Earn Money by Playing Easy Games

Game lovers like my hubby would probably love it. He's been so addicted in playing online games but he did not earn anything from it. Good thing I recently stumbled upon this site where we can earn money with games . Isn't that interesting? I know my hubby would be interested to play and earn money from this site. I actually signed up a while ago and I saw all the flash games listed and its really fun and easy to play with. So, why not check out the site now and start earning money while having some fun playing with your favorite easy game!

Why Choose to Buy Linux?

Linux is actually the most underrated operating system. It is original and creative and it’s far better than Windows or Mac. Did you know that coders and hardcore professionals prefers to Buy Linux over any other operating system? You may be wondering  what's the reason behind it’s uniqueness and being the best. Well, one of the best thing about Linux is the freedom of choosing what application you want to have and not having someone deciding it for you. There are also many other positive aspects of Linux. But the only reason it’s not popular today is because of its coding things. You need to learn some codes or say commands to use this properly. But whatever the cases may be, it’s far better than any other operating system.

Diamond Earrings for FREE!

I've always been fascinated on jewelries specially when I wear them. I like wearing jewelry accessories like earrings where it serves as my regular accessory every time I go out and specially when I am attending on a special occasion. Most of my earrings here are made of silver and even fancy ones because I can't afford to buy a gold or diamond earrings . It is good to know that is giving away a set of beautiful simulated-diamond earrings, set in sterling silver and will be delivered in a heart shaped box. This is a limited time offer only and may expire at any time so if you're like me  who would like to have this diamond earrings for free, check out their website now!

Please Vote for Sis Michelle's entry on Blog Contest

Hi Friends!   I am supporting Michelle of Just Another Pixel   to help her win at's blog contest. I support her as one of her viral poster. I hope you could also help her win this contest.  You can also get a chance to win a Nokia 5530, PSP, iPod Touch or Sony Cybershot. Here's her entry: My definition of Sulitizen Please vote for:   and Sulitizen : The Epitome of Frugality by blankPixels of Just Another Pixel Sign Up at Buy and Sell Philippines

Get a Chance to Win Garnier Products by Project LL

Pretty freelance model Phoebe of Project LL (Project Live Life) invited me to join her awesome Garnier Giveaway ! You too can win these beautiful give away from her. You will get a chance to win the following Garnier products worth P600 +! Garnier Overnight Whitening Peeling Cream has pure lemon essence and natural peeling fruit extracts that will mildly peel off dullness overnight and let whitening action diffuse over dark spots and the overall face and Garnier Pure Self-heating Sauna Mask that works with clay and zinc to unclog pores and refine your skin texture for up to 7 days in just one use.   I never tried using this products yet but I am pretty sure this would make my skin feel deeply cleansed and look shine free that's why I also love to join her pretty give away. 

Looking for Hot New gadgets and Electronics?

We were invited on my cousin's wedding next month and I am thinking of buying special wedding gift for them. And since their both music lovers so I decided to buy them an lcd and mp3 players . I am looking for the best mp3 player and I came across Chuck's Audio and Video's website where they are selling Zune HD 16GB mp3 player which is on sale now and not only that, they also sell home and video electronics, audio and other accessories. So why not check out the site now and start looking for hot new gadgets and electronics featured from their site.

Lose Weight Fast By Joining Fitness Weekend Program

Many people nowadays are very much conscious about their own health and fitness. In addition to that, these people including me and many others as well, are now having that desire to sculpt their bodies while others want to get back their body in shape. One of the effective way is to join boot camps where you can have an intensive workout and fitness. I recently stumbled upon this site "Fat Attack" which is a unique and highly effective fitness weekend program that would help you fight all those stubborn fat and get fit. It is conducted by world class fighting champions and you can use their intensive fitness programme as much as you needed. They also offer a fitness boot camps which is open to all levels and ages, whether it is mixed are just for group of women. These program will not only help reduced your body fats but it will also help you improved your stamina and develop your self-confidence and have a positive attitude and approach to exercise. So why not check out

Win a Nokia C3!

The Manila Blogs Family are celebrating their 5th Year Anniversary with a bang! The Manila Blogs Family would like to thank all of their readers and loyal followers who have been with them for the past 5 years by giving away FREE NOKIA phones. For the Blogger — Manila Blogs is giving you the Nokia C3 The Nokia C3 is PERFECT for bloggers and social media mavens who are perpetually wired. The full QWERTY keyboard makes typing what you have to say a breeze. Nokia Messaging also gives 1-click access to e-mail, chat, and social networking platforms. Updating your status and uploading photos has never been easier as this phone is specially designed with that functionality. Aside from that, it also has WIFI which will drastically keep your data costs down. Please check out The Manila Blog for more information. 

Mommy and Me - @ the Swimming Pool

Here's our fun shots while having some fun at the swimming pool.  Peace out to all! Hosted by Krystyn at Really, Are You Serious?

T-shirt Gift Ideas for Family

Every month seems like it's that time of year again, and with shoppers and swarming malls and stores where you will find the next hot gift, how do you decide what to give to your family and friends? Naturally, you could always just find out what your friends and family want for  and get it for them. This is especially easy with children who like to make their Christmas list for example, though it can be a bit tougher for adults. We all have relatives who manage to buy everything they want and need, making it difficult to come up with gift ideas. Last year, when my mom and sister had their holiday here , I wasn't able to give them a special gifts because I have no idea what to give to them. I had tried looking for some unique gift ideas online and I came to have an idea in giving them a special T shirts gifts since they love wearing T shirts.  This would be my gift to them when they comes back next year. I am going to buy a dancing sports tshirts because both of them loves

My Journey Online in Blogging

I had actually started earning money online by selling some of my used stuffs in Ebay since 2005. I just discovered last year that there are many other ways where we can earn online when I was introduced by my online friend from Ebay. She referred me on some money earning sites like paid to click and paid to post like Mylot . This is also the site where I met Sis Red and we became friends since we are members on almost any legit money earning sites that we joined. And from that site, I learn more about other ways where I can earn money through blogging. At first, I have no idea how to do it but with the help of my newly found friends online, I had able to understand it. As you can see from my blog, its entitled My Life and Journey Online because I am not only sharing my life experiences, but I am also sharing my journey on how I earn money online not only for blogging but also in joining contests, give aways and freebies.  I am fond of joining contests  where I won several give a

Thanks Epson for the GC's!

I received a mail via courier from Epson the other day and I'm glad that I finally received my P500 SM gift certificates that I won from Epson's thINK100% Genuine - Video Linking Contest . I actually did not expect it because I thought that they just prefer from Metro Manila and Luzon residents.  Thanks again Epson for this GF's!