Get Paid by Having an Advertiser in your Blog

I was doing my blog hop today when I saw a blog post from Sis Levy about this site where we can get paid for extra space in our own blog. She is referring to Ask2link where she had been paid 14 times already! That's why I am enticed to join to earn money from this site too.

Ask2link is an Internet advertising company that allows bloggers like us to monetize extra spaces in our websites and blogs. Their mission is to provide an easy-to-use turn key solution for monetizing our blog through advertising.

Here are some Benefits we can get as publishers:
  • Easily monetize extra space (such as header, footer, or sidebar) of our website
  • Get our paychecks through PayPal every month. Minimum payment is only $10.00
  • We can set our own prices.

To be able to get an advertiser, we need to have a good alexa ranking and high page rank blog. 

Monetizing our blogs and start to generate extra income has never been easy like this so why not join now too!

Earn money from your website/blog by, selling text links, banner ads - Advertisers can, buy links, from your blog for SEO. Get paid through PayPal

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