How to Get My Blog Approved by Sheriff?

I am just reading some posts of fellow mommy blogger friends in Facebook about getting paid by Sheriff from the paid opps and tasks they did. I am ashamed to asked them about Sheriff because I feel like I am out of place from their conversations since they are already talking about their payouts, where they have so many opps to write and they should do it before the deadline while others are wanting for more paid opps from Sheriff. I thought Sheriff was a private client but I found out while doing my blog hop rounds from a post on one of my fellow mommy blogger here that they are all referring to PayU2blog.

Some of my mommy friends told me about the requirements on How to Get my Blog approve by Sheriff:

* A wordpress customized blog. Meaning, a wordpress with a .com domain.
* Your blog should be at least 3 months old, with a minimum of 30 posts
* Your blog must be in English
* Your blog must not have any other form of advertisements, i.e. Nuffnang, Adsense, Entrecard, Infolinks, etc.

I have a new blog, My Daily Notes but it is hosted by blogger. So this means that it will not be accepted by PayU2? I badly need your advice my fellow mommies so that my blog will be approved by them. Your help is highly appreciated. Thanks so much!

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