I Need Help on How to Write on a Subject that I know Nothing About

I admit I am not a good writer and I am just a newbie when it comes to writing some articles. It has been my problem for some time now when there are paid task opportunities available for me to write but I have no idea on this certain topic since I am not familiar on it and I haven't experience it specially when it comes on writing some  paid reviews and  in recommend a product or services.

I can do some research on it but it seems like I am also learning what is that subject all about so its quite hard for me to write since I can't just copy those written articles from other sites. It has to be original with my personal thoughts and opinions in it. I know there are many of you my blogger friends  here who are "expert" enough in doing this things. I hope you can help me out and I hope you could give me some an advice on how to improve my writing skills.

Your help and advice is very much appreciated. Thank you so much!

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