Mommy Moments - Toys and Gadgets

For this week's Mommy Moments theme is all about our kids favorite toys and gadgets and here are some of Sydelle's fun play things...

Her scooter. She don't know how to use it yet that's why I just bind it with a little rope so I can pull here scooter so she can have a fun ride... hehehe!

My pink panasonic flip phone. It was already broken that's why I just let her play on it. 

Lots of stuff toys, teddy bears, animal toys, dolls, cartoon character toys but unfortunately she doesn't like to play this toys that much. She actually prefers playing with my gadget like my mp4, mobile phone, digicam, and she loves to check out what's inside my bag because she wants to put on make up and lipstick on her face...waaaaaaaaah!

mommy moments

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