My Journey Online in Blogging

I had actually started earning money online by selling some of my used stuffs in Ebay since 2005. I just discovered last year that there are many other ways where we can earn online when I was introduced by my online friend from Ebay. She referred me on some money earning sites like paid to click and paid to post like Mylot. This is also the site where I met Sis Red and we became friends since we are members on almost any legit money earning sites that we joined.

And from that site, I learn more about other ways where I can earn money through blogging. At first, I have no idea how to do it but with the help of my newly found friends online, I had able to understand it. As you can see from my blog, its entitled My Life and Journey Online because I am not only sharing my life experiences, but I am also sharing my journey on how I earn money online not only for blogging but also in joining contests, give aways and freebies. 

I am fond of joining contests  where I won several give away items, paypal cash, EC credits, gift certificates etc. and I Praise and Thanked God for that. One of my most memorable experience as a blogger was when I joined YouSayToo's Blog contest and even though I did not win the grand prize, I was able to receive a special donation worth $500 for our church. I am so thankful to God for such a huge blessings where our church was benefited on it. You see I am not only blogging for my own desires but I also want to help others where God will be pleased on it.

With regards to my blogging experience, I just knew that this month was also my blog anniversary since I had started my blogging journey last year of August 3. Yay! I did not noticed it. I think I will also celebrate my blogversary with you my dear friends as I am going to have a Blogversary Contest too. Well, so much for that, as of now  I am not getting more paid opportunities from  paid to blog sites because of my blog which is just free hosted from blogger. That's why some of my good blogger friends suggested that I should have my own domain so I can receive more paid opps specially from Sheriff. I thanked God that I won a free domain name from Mommy Rubz Domain Angel free domain contest and because of that, I had able to make another blog which is My Daily Notes of my personal experiences as well as my blogging journey for my paid posts and opportunities soon.

One thing that I also treasure in my blogging experience is that I learned a lot of things from other bloggers and it serves as my inspiration too and best of all I gained a lot of wonderful friends here. No words could ever express how much I thank you all enough for all your heart warming comments and advice. I really do appreciate it and I am looking forward in gaining more blogger friends, more helpful ideas to learn and of course more moolah on my blogging journey. ^_^

This is my entry on Sis Red's First Blogversary Contest

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