Want to Buy an External Hard Drive

We want to buy an external hard drive because we need it as a backup option for our computer. This is a great choice for us since we have so many programs, installers and files from our i-cafe business and we know it really helps in backing up our data faster and easier. Unlike cd's and hard drives where we used to save our files, external hard drive makes our data far more portable in larger quantities than before.

We will no longer be limited in storing a few hundred megabytes or even several gigabytes. We can look forward to a portable and reliable storage capacities ranging into terabytes. We are actually  frustrated on our  desktop computer and  network file server backup job and we think that this external drive will work a lot easier for us.

I am still searching for a good brand and model do some research and reviews online before we finally decide to purchase. I will look for some reviews and especially on any feedback on how reliable the drive is.

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