Why We Use Deep Freeze instead of Anti-Virus

We used an anti virus software before like AVG and ESET NOD32 for our i-cafe pc's but we are still having some problems on the viruses that keeps on ruining our pc's. Even if we always update the anti virus but still viruses gets in and my hubby feels so sick and tired on it where he keeps on reformatting and installing the programs all over again.

A friend told us and recommend that we try to use Deep Freeze because it protects against all kind of malwares, unauthorized installations, viruses, spyware, and most of all, the trojan horse virus. This is just the right application we need because some of our customers are installing software's and programs while others just simply plug their usb's without our knowledge. There was one time when a customer wants to print out her documents from her usb and even if I already scanned her usb,  when I opened the file, the virus is still there and the worst thing it immediately spread out on our servers pc. All our saved files were infected and I can't open all the programs.

That's why we decided to use Deep Freeze instead of using anti virus. So far we are satisfied with its performance. When our system becomes unstable for any reason, like it has a virus or perhaps a driver misconfiguration, we just simply reboot the pc and within seconds, Deep Freeze will restore the system to the state it was in when last frozen. So it works like magic where everything that had been done since then becomes undone and you are back up and running in no time. Have about you my friends? Have you tried using Deep Freeze?

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