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Pretty in Pink

I think its obvious that I really do love pink ;-) Just take a look at my blogs! its all in pink because its my favorite color. I blogged it before that most of my mobile phones are all in pink color. No matter what kind of shades of pink it is, I just love it simply because I love pink!

Here's Your Chance to Win A Cutie Halloween Outfit for Your Kiddo!

If you're looking for a cute Halloween outfit for your child or a fun dress up outfit, Aeromax has some adorable outfits for all ages and they also have some great boy outfits from bikers to doctors! Just take a look at that green fairy outfit, isn't that cute? Right now they are having a give away at  Frugal Mommy's blog where one lucky reader will have the chance to win a costume of your choice! How to enter: 1. Just leave a comment on your favorite item from Aeromax . Extra Entries (leave separate comments for each): 2. Blog or Tweet about this giveaway and leave a comment with the link to it. 3. Subscribe to Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls. 4. Follow Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls 5. Add my button to your sidebar Contest will end October 15, 2010. The winner will be chosen using All winners are notified by e-mail. Hurry! Join Now!

Join Georyl's October Daily Give aways!

Sis Gee of GEORYL.COM is hosting her October Daily Give away as a token of appreciation and thanksgiving from all her visitors and avid readers from her blog. And to celebrate it, she will be giving away lots of awesome prizes! Daily Draw (1 winner per daily draw) Draw dates: October 1 – 2, 4 – 9, 11 – 16, 18 – 23, 25 – 30 One winner of 1,000 Entrecard Credits Weekly Draw (2 winners per weekly draw) Draw Dates: October 3, 10, 17, 24 One winner of $5 Paypal Credits and one winner of 2,000 Entrecard Credits Grand Draw Draw Date: October 31 Three winners of $5 Paypal Credits, one winner of 5,000 Entrecard Credits One winner of 3,000 EntreCard Credits One winner of 2,000 EntreCard Credits Special Prize October 2010 Top Commenter One Year WPWebHost Rookie Plan WordPress Hosting with Free Domain Name How do you earn raffle tickets? It's so easy! Just Leave a comment on her posts . Blog about the contest with a link back to the contest page .  Subscribe to GEORYL via email . That

The Best Kiev Hotel in Ukraine

If you are planing a trip to Kiev and expect to spend your time in the most effective way, one of the topical matters you need to do is to search for a good hotel in Kiev and reserving a room. There are number of hotels in Ukraine which is constantly increasing and it is not an easy task to make a choice among them. Most Kiev hotels try to match European standards of service, proposing their guests comfortable accommodations, friendly atmosphere and tasty treating. But the best of the hotels in Kiev must fit your own needs not only by the quality of service, but also by  the cost and location and that's where Rus Hotel comes in that can provide all your needs and has all the chances to become your favourite hotel in Ukraine. Being a Kiev hotel, it provides policy and strategy favorable to the development of the business visits and tourism in Ukraine.

Simply Me

K is for Karen! My real name is Karen Chayne but you can call me Kayce, KC, Kaye or Kayeshayne. ^_^ Karen's meaning in Greek is "pure". The name Karen was actually one of the top ten names for girls born in the US during the 1950's and 1960's, peaking as the third most popular girls name in 1965. I'm linking this entry for ABC Wednesday .

Live the High Life at New Jersey Apartments

Living the good life is entirely possible! You know the life--lovely home, fabulous friends, big-city excitement, and all the entertainment you could ask for. It's all waiting at New Jersey apartments . You can live the high life here, complete with luxurious accommodations in the best setting in the world. New Jersey apartments are located just minutes from the exciting world of New York City! In fact, your new home is just across the river from Manhattan. Your view could include the Statue of Liberty, the Manhattan skyline, and the ships entering and exiting the harbor. These apartments were built on some prime real estate land and now are waiting for some incredible residents. When you live here, you can spend your evenings in New York City, swimming in the lap of luxury. You could hit up the latest Broadway show, grab dinner in China Town, do some shopping in SoHo, and then head to Central Park to relax. All of this is just minutes from your new home. I

Online Sportsbooks

One of the things that interests me lately is online gambling. I believe that for someone like a professional sports gambler, knowing which online sports betting site to go to is probably more important than your skill as a player. And just like in any profession, time is money. So, finding a website that has reviews for the best online sportsbooks saves you time and can make you money. Even for an amateur like me, it pays to check out websites reviews of online gambling sites. These websites give up-to-date, experience-based reviews and tell bettors what sites to be careful of or avoid. Full-on sports betters or casual weekend dabblers that do it as a hobby both receive the value of other bettor’s experiences. Customer service, security, ease of use and other important aspects of online sports betting are analyzed and stacked up against high standards for quality and service. A sports betting review site grants access for every level of skill and offers insightful a

Diseases caused by Air Pollution

Environmentalists have long lobbied to take the necessary steps to limit or eradicate air pollution in our society. And they have good reason for their efforts; while many Americans may not see pollution as a threat to their health or everyday lives, it’s the cause of many health problems or diseases. Air pollution is the contamination of the air by chemicals, biological materials, or particulate matter. Air pollutants can come from natural causes, such as a volcanic eruption that emits ash. However, pollutants from man-made sources are much more common, including the carbon monoxide gas from a vehicle’s exhaust or sulfur dioxide emanating from factories. Although not directly caused by pollution, asthma is significantly worsened by high levels of pollutants. Sulfur dioxide, for instance, can cause constriction of airways in the lungs. This constriction makes it more difficult to breathe and can trigger a dangerous asthma attack. Asthma attacks set off by pollutants

How to Manage Multiple Prescription Medications

  If you need to take multiple prescription medications in order to maintain your health you may find yourself getting confused. You will need to know what each medicine was prescribed for, who wrote the prescription, how you need to take the medication and much more. Managing multiple prescription medications can be an overwhelming experience. However there are some ways that you can keep track of all this information. The first thing you will need to do is make a list of all the prescription medications that you are taking. You will need to know the name of the product, how often you need to take it and if it is in a tablet or liquid form. If you make a note of the appearance of each medication you will not get them mixed up in the future. You will also need to know if the product is a generic version of a brand name medication. It would be wise to list your doctor's information in case you lose a prescription. Make changes to the list as your medications

Characteristics to Look for in Your Moving Company

Moving is stressful enough without having to worry about whether or not your moving company is going to show up with your prized possessions from one place to another. Most movers are highly reputable, competent and professional. You want to make sure this is the case when you hire a mover, so look for these three characteristics in the company you hire. Longevity and Experience Find out how long the moving company has been in business; the odds are good that a company that has been moving people for the past 20 years must be a pretty reputable company. Find out the names and contact information for past clients and check the references. Contact the Better Business Bureau and State Attorney’s office where the moving company is to check on complaints. If all is good in these areas, then you are dealing with a reputable and experienced moving company. Bonded and Insured You are handing all, or at least the majority of, your personal possessions over to a set of mov

The Effectiveness of the 12 Step Recovery Process

When it comes to treating alcohol abuse, the 12 step recovery program has been effectively implemented in a number of individual’s lives. This program originated from a faith-based perspective but has been modified so that it addresses all alcohol abusers, regardless of their faith or gender. There are those facilities and alcohol rehab centers in California that take a different approach to alcohol abuse but in some way or fashion one or even more of the original 12 steps is incorporated into the treatment. Some of the key principles of the 12 step program are: Making the decision to use your willpower to assist with the recovery. Admitting the behavior is wrong, self destructive and harmful to those you love. Seeking a higher power to assist with recovery. Making a list of individuals that were harmed in the process or time of alcohol addiction and then asking those individuals to forgive the harm that was caused. Continuing to recognize that you might still be

My Mom Sings

TalentRun - karaoke, songs and lyrics for free singing online Here's a video of my mom's own version of the song Viva Forever from The Spice Girls. Enjoy and Have Fun Watching while Listening! ^_^ I'm linking this entry for Wordless Wednesday

Looking for Uniforms and Work Wear?

Uniforms are made mandatory by the organizations like schools, work places like hospitals, restaurants etc. The model of these organization requires people who are part of it to be in proper uniform and follow the discipline of the uniform. Some organizations which don't have a complete dress code do have some sort of uniform codes like a common shirt of a particular color etc. If you are looking for uniforms and work wear, Uniform Point is the place for you. They offer tons of career apparel and with a very simple search and order process, you can easily find the apparel you need. They also offer the lowest prices and the highest quality medical uniforms, corporate uniforms, school uniforms, resort and spa uniforms, hospitality uniforms, sports and team wear, industrial and team uniforms, and other promotional materials. Definitely, with Uniform Point you can expect to do well at work because looking presentable is a just a step to looking successful.

Where Did I Get Some of My Paid Opps?

I know some of my blogger friends here are wondering where did I get some of my paid posts and reviews. Well, some of them are from paid to blog companies and some are micro jobs from Microworkers . Even before I first knew about paid to blog sites, I am already earning money from this site.Though its just a few cents but I can easily reached their minimum payout because of the easy tasks that they offer to do. Here's my recent payment proof and this is actually my 8th payment from them. Earning money from Microworkers is so easy! You just have to browse some micro jobs, select the jobs that you like such as write at least 50 words of review from a given link of the site , finish the task, submit proof and viola! you earn money already. Join Now!

Yellow Love

Lots of lovely bright yellow color here from my cousin's wedding  starting from give aways, flowers, curtains, and backdrop lights. ^_^ More splashes of yellow only here on Mellow Yellow Monday

The Popular Tie Knot for Men

There are different types of knots which are used in the tie but one of the most popular and famous necktie knot was the Windsor knot. This kind of knot style is ideal for a classic fashionable look and style which is mostly used by professionals and businessmen or some company representatives.  However, using windsor knot is quite a tricky but we can find more information online on how to tie a Windsor knot. They also provide a demonstration videos to learn more of it. Windsor knot gives you a control over the shape and size of the knot and also covers the whole empty space of the shirt to make you look more fashionable and graceful that is why tying ties with Windsor knot is mostly recommended for business meeting and conferences.

Cake Decorating

                                   ( actual photos of cake made by my friend's sister ) I recently saw some of the cake photos made by my friend's sister and I was totally amazed on how beautiful the cakes she made. I just found out that she is earning big time just by baking cake and decorate it according to her customer's request. She have that God given talent and skills and I am proud of her because I know that cake decorating takes a lot of practice and patience to be able make it perfectly. If you are interested in cake decorating, there are many ways to learn how to do this properly. You may want to make a few cakes in your spare time and this is one of the only ways to really practice. You may have many ideas in your head, but implementing these ideas may be harder than you think, and this is where practice and patience may help you improve your skills. Cake Decorating is a great hobby and this can also gives  you a profit on the side. Once you become good at d

Taking a Nap

Me and my little princess taking a nap at the car while waiting for my hubby to come.^_^ More of Mommy and Kids Moments only here on Hosted by Krystyn

Modern Contemporary Furniture for Your Modern Home

The beauty of the home is not only determined from the outside appearance but the interior shall be involved in it. In a modern house , living room is the first entrance adjacent room of a house and that is why the use of this room differs from one house to another. Most of the living rooms are used for multiple purposes and common furniture placed in this room are sofa sets, coffee table, chairs, TV cabinet and many others. While selecting a living room furniture, people often opt for functionality in combination with comfort and convenience. Therefore, lifestyle plays a significant role in selection of Contemporary Furniture .  And by choosing this kind of modern furniture, the placement of the items also generates the gorgeousness and eye soothing focal point in living room furniture display.  Living room furniture selection is an intricate subject and it should be chosen on the use of this room. It is safe to make the sitting arrangement of the living room comfortable and wide.

The Power of Social Bookmarking

Thеrе аrе millions οf website аnԁ blogs today and they аrе increasing еνеrу day. Many bloggers like us аrе looking out fοr ways tο increase traffic tο our websites οr blogs. One οf the recent methods tο increase popularity οf a website οr blog іѕ tο uѕе social bookmarking websites. It іѕ way tο bookmark οur favorite web pages on the Internet which саn bе used tο impart wіth others on tһе web, which contain tags, rankings, аnԁ other stuff that shows how many people аrе visiting уοur website οr blog. Social bookmarking is very popular with marketers in every business, hobby or personal niche.It is a great way to get traffic to your own website and blogs. What you need to do is to bookmark your sites and then hope others will share their links. Some social bookmarking sites will let the viewers vote for your entries which also helps in making your website or blog even more popular.

Fashionable Moncler Jacket for Women

Some women who are beauty conscious doesn't like winter not only because it is cold, but also because they have to discard their colorful nice clothes and put on thick fat clothes in order to keep them warm. However, some women can't resist in wearing those cool Moncler Jackets because of its stylish and fashionable design. Most women put in considerable time and effort in researching for these kind of jackets. If you want to find out more information or buy one of the doudoune moncler jackets, you can check it online. There are plenty of useful information you can get which can be handy to look into before buying your jacket. Nothing can stop you from having a warm protective shell fabric of a ski jacket, because it will also look sexy on you. Just try to make sure that the moncler women jacket can handle all the necessary protective measures as well you can also look fashionably "IN" for the style during winter.

It's Snack Time

For this week's Mommy Moments theme is all about our kids favorite snacks. My daughter just love to eat and I'm glad that she is not a picky eater at all. She even eat rice with no viand at all. Much more on her snack time! lol!  She loves to eat biscuits, bread, wafer, some junk foods, chocolates.. name it! She loves to eat all! waaaaaaaaah  Her all time favorite Jollibee french fries and spaghetti  Can I include bananas as her snack? because she loves eating bananas too! saw her looking guilty when she ate my ice!

In Looking for the Right Lingerie

As a woman, Lingerie is a must for me because it is not only an adornment of my figure but it also emphasize advantages,hide disadvantages and the most important thing is that I feel comfortable in wearing it. Fashion and practicality of wearing a lingerie are actually merged into one. Designers took care so that every woman would feel seductive and feminine. And by using natural fabrics, colors and shades, all this can emphasize every woman's natural beauty. When I consider buying a Lingerie specially on bras, I always pay attention to the cap size and the softness of straps and their length so that I could regulate it.This will also help me in choosing which lingerie is better because I am not only looking for the stylish design but of course for the one where I finds it comfortable to wear. I have a bulging tummy so I prefer wearing dark colors because it will help me in hiding my flaws and also helps to highlight the best part of my body. Feeling sexy is actually a state o

Shoot Me! 18 of 52

Here's a recent photo of mine at my cousin's wedding. 

Traveling with a Health Condition

  One of the greatest joys in life is traveling. Traveling more gives you the chance to meet new people, see new places, and have new experiences. It's uplifting in a variety of ways. Still, for one of many reasons, there are plenty of people that just don't travel much. One of the most unfortunate reasons why people don't travel is because of an ongoing health condition. There are some people who literally can't leave the region they live in. This is often when they are in intensive treatment for a life-threatening or otherwise debilitating disease. However, there are many other situations where travel is surprisingly possible. For those in intensive treatment such as dialysis, there's always the possibility of getting treatment in a different facility. The only problem here is that insurance companies are often hesitant to pay groups that are outside your normal area. Discussing it with your insurance agency and planning ahead can often

Sony’s PlayStation 3: What Can’t it Do?

  The PlayStation 3 is the sequel release to none other than Sony’s PlayStation 2. There are a number of changes within the system that make playing PS3 games different than any other seventh generation gaming console currently on the market. Some of the features that make this gaming console one of the top leading sellers all over the world include the PlayStation Network; an online gaming service that allows players all over the world to play together and interact through the games. Also, the PS3 is chocked-full of various multimedia features. You can speak with fellow game players via text or through the game if you have the current headset; it displays photos in clear, top rate quality, and will play your movies and games seamlessly and with ease. The coolness of the blue ray disc method is another integral reason for purchasing a PlayStation 3. When you use this console, you can integrate yourself into your games and take your play to an entirely new level.

Lechon Love

My cousin's funny photo of the "Lechon Baboy" or the (Roasted Pig) ^_^ Linking this entry for Wordless Wednesday

Bathroom Lightning Fixtures

Bathroom lighting fixtures are used to create a mood, illuminate a mirror and offer light to do tasks such as shaving, make-up or taking a bath. Each area of the bathroom should have a suitable lighting. There are many varieties of bathroom light fixtures that are available today. You can choose from several models, designs and sizes. There are various lighting fixtures that can be utilized for perfect lighting of bathroom. These lights are generally used to illuminate the bathtubs, toilet, wash basin and other places of use. An appropriate design layout should be worked out with the contractor about bathroom light fixtures and their power of light. The ideal illumination is always the best solution. To choose proper bathroom light fixtures it is convenient to find them in the internet. There are many online shops that keep varieties of fixtures of different brand and shapes. From such research you will  get an  idea for your bathroom requirement.

Add Dichroic Pendant to your Jewelry Collection

If you are looking for fashion jewelry that is modern, chic and unique, you may be interested in buying a dichroic glass pendants. Dichroic glass jewelry is actually gaining its popularity because of its beautiful colors and textures and it is widely used in the world of art and jewelry making. No matter what sort of fashion you prefer to wear, you can find Dichroic Pendant to match your ensemble. By using the right metal oxides, artisans can produce just about any color combination you want. This feature really captivated the imaginations of the artisans who carefully design and make dichroic jewelry and I know it would also capture your heart on this kind of  beautiful jewelry.

In Buying Airline Tickets Online

I actually haven't tried buying airline tickets online but my mom did since she usually spend her holiday here once a year. She is busy with her work and she doesn't have time to go to a traveling agency that's why she just prefer to book her flight online. She finds it very convenient because with just a few clicks, she can confirm her reservation and pay for the ticket using her credit card. There are a lot of travel websites that have the facility to compare airline ticket prices across many different airlines. You just simply specify your date and time of travel and the search engine will do the rest. Not just that, the airfare search engine will also pick up the best deals and discounts offered by any airline companies.  Buying airline tickets online makes our life easier because it saves our time and effort in going to nearest travel agency office and everything can be done at the comfort of  our own home.

Bridal Flowers

Here's a beautiful yellow flower bouquet for my aunt as the mother of the bride of my cousin's wedding. Here's another set of these beautiful flowers which was placed at the aisle of the church. Linking this entry for Mellow Yellow Monday

Flair Bartending

One of the highlight of my cousin's wedding party last Saturday was the flair bartending show and I was so amazed on how the bartender perfectly performed those fact pacing movements of wine bottles and shakers. For the unfamiliar, flair bartending is the practice of bartenders entertaining guests, clientele or audiences using bar tools like cocktail shakers and liquor bottles in a tricky and dazzling moves. Flair bartending is also an increasingly common practice by bartenders who are not only trained to mix and serve drinks, but also perform in flair contests that showcase a wide variety of skills and showmanship. These performances are increasing in popularity as the juggling, flipping, pouring, and other movements make for some extremely impressive choreographed acts.

Why You Need to Find a Good Plumber

All of us are using plumbing on a daily basis and we rely on it for our every day lives. Most of the time we don't think about plumbing until there is a problem. Plumbing emergencies can be a frightening thing for home owners because it can lead to immense amounts of damage to your property and personal belongings. To avoid having these problems, you need to find a good plumber where you can feel secure about your plumbing requirements. You must find one that you can you can trust to offer you some good suggestions for preventative measures. You need your own private plumber that may start to know your house and all the plumbing within it. Plumbing problems such as clogged drains, leaks, and other emergency plumbing problems are part of the daily lives of homeowners and businesses that needs a good plumbing company. You need to find a good plumber that is willing to help you and can take care of your plumbing needs 24/7. You may want to get some references from people you know

If Only I Have a Perfect Digital Camera

I actually have three digital cameras here, but you know what? they're all having some problems and defects. I have a Canon Powershot but it accidentally fell into the water that's why it doesn't have a flash anymore and it takes some blurry shots. However, I can still take some nice pictures during daytime and if I just took a steady shot on scenery. I also have a Benq digicam but it was also dropped in seawater that's why it has some white lines appearing on each photos. And lastly, I have this cheap unbranded digicam that can also record a video but it doesn't have a flash and it has a less megapixel so it doesn't take a good photo. You can see the example shot from my cousin's wedding below. If only I have a perfect digital camera then I could capture great photos and I would not miss any single moment just like my cousin's wedding. I really wanted to capture them when they kissed each other but too bad It was not a good shot that's why I just

Choose The Great Photographers and Videographers for your Wedding

Marriage is the most important occasion in a person’s life and wedding photographs and videos are the sweet memories to kept with love and care that's why we need to choose the great Photographers and Videographers for your Wedding. A wedding photography services that create photos in a way that enhances the joy of the event with extraordinary quality. The one that uses technologically advanced latest digital cameras and other first-rate professional equipments for digital wedding photography. The one that also offers a wide array of wedding photography services, with many options of print size, coverage, and choice of album, all at very attractive price range. Many think that we just have to choose a cheap photography service, but you will also see the not so good results so why not get someone who can capture the day effectively.Why you need to choose the great Photographers and Videographers? Because it is the most important day of your life. And since you would want to reme

Grossmami and Daddylo

Here's some photo of Sydelle with her Daddylo ( my hubby's side ). Her Mommylo passed away a year ago. Her Daddylo is one of her favorite playmate because she loves to ride on her car.  She also loves to visit her Daddylo's house because she loves to get herself dirty while having some fun chasing the chickens and eat some fruits from her Grandpa's small farm.  And here's her Grossmami (German word meaning Lola), well my mom doesn't want to be called Lola that's why she preferred to be called  as Grossmami. She's currently single so my daughter doesn't have a Grosspapi yet. hahaha! My daughter is gonna be the next heiress of my mom's fashion clothes and accessories because she's like my mom who is very Kikay and Fashionista girl.

Why Some People are So Lucky?

I met some new friends from Facebook who are fond of joining contests online such as give aways and freebies and I wonder why they always win on most contests they joined everyday. Is it pure out of luck or do they have a lucky charm in them or they are just simply lucky when it comes to joining contests. Can you just imagine out of 1,000 people who joined and there is only 1 winner and he/she luckily wins? and take note, its not just a simple give away but its a fabulous one. Some of my friends won an Ipad, a touchscreen phone, a huge cash prize and even an all expense paid trip holiday to Boracay. Whoa! They are really lucky indeed! I personally think some people are luckier than others because they are willing to take the chances that others might not. Quite often, we make our own luck, by being willing to go for something new, to take a chance where others might not dare to, and to be smart about it. They educate themselves in being innovative and to be able to see opportunities

The Beauty of Wall Scones

Wall sconces are actually one of the hottest accessories in today’s home decorating arena. They are popular for several reasons, why? because they add an immediate interest to your wall and they also offer an alternative lighting source. Wall scones provide indirect lighting which is beneficial to home. If the scones are placed correctly in the room or outside the home, it enhances the decor. You can find interesting variety of Wall Scones available today which gives you the opportunity to create a whole decorating scheme around the great indoor lightning you’ll ever discover. Wall sconces are so easy to use and anyone can add them to their home decor with success so go ahead and get in on the excitement of adding interest and beauty to your home today with your own selection of wall sconces!

Greeny Me and Baby

For this week's theme here on Girl's Talk is all about Green Baby! Well, I am actually not a huge fan of green. I think you already what's my fave color cause its quite obvious on both of my blogs. hihihi! I only have some few photos here with me that's why I also added some photos of my baby. ^_^ More of beautiful green entries only here on

Thankful for My Direct Advertisers

While most of my blogger friends here are loaded with lots of paid opps and busy in writing reviews so they make it for the deadline, I am one of the bloggers who doesn't have much paid opportunity available since I'm still waiting for my blog to get approved from Sheriff . However, I am still thankful that there are some direct advertisers who wants to buy a sponsored post from me. I feel so happy and proud of myself because even if I am not a good blogger and writer, they are still interested to advertise and promote their product on my blog. What I love about direct advertising is that I can set my own rate and I can utilize variable pricing to fit for these specific advertiser. I also have a direct contact with my advertisers and this would  help increase the likelihood of having long-term relationships and arrangements with them. While some advertising  brokers only allows to receive payment once a month, with direct advertising, it allows us to determine how we want to g

Add Limoges Boxes and Figurines to Your Collection

Limoges porcelain is the finest hard-paste porcelain in the world and when decorated can become one of the most beautiful forms of art expression. Collecting hand painted Limoges Boxes and Limoges figurines as a hobby or as an investment can prove to be very rewarding for art lovers and miniature lovers who finds these Limoges porcelain boxes just delightful to look at. These fine white porcelain boxes with their magnificent hand-painting and metal work have long been sought after by collectors worldwide. Collectible Limoges boxes and figurines are also a perfect special gift ideas to celebrate special events. You can find a great deal of these tiny works of art that are exquisitely crafted with very fine details. They are often of heirloom quality, made of the highest quality of porcelain that will ensure many years of keepsake memories. Collectors who have eclectic tastes and a broad appreciation of beauty will find many superb pieces of Limoges Boxes only from the Limoges F

Wedding Invitation

I is for Invitation! We received a Wedding Invitation of my cousin Jhoanne who will be getting married this coming Saturday! Were so excited to see her walking down the aisle wearing her beautiful wedding gown. Best Wishes to both of them! I'm linking this entry for ABC Wednesday