Grossmami and Daddylo

Here's some photo of Sydelle with her Daddylo ( my hubby's side ). Her Mommylo passed away a year ago. Her Daddylo is one of her favorite playmate because she loves to ride on her car.  She also loves to visit her Daddylo's house because she loves to get herself dirty while having some fun chasing the chickens and eat some fruits from her Grandpa's small farm. 

And here's her Grossmami (German word meaning Lola), well my mom doesn't want to be called Lola that's why she preferred to be called  as Grossmami. She's currently single so my daughter doesn't have a Grosspapi yet. hahaha! My daughter is gonna be the next heiress of my mom's fashion clothes and accessories because she's like my mom who is very Kikay and Fashionista girl.

mommy moments

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