Mix and Match

I just bought a lovely  pink dress and an elegant black dress today and now my problem is I have to mix and match my dress together with my fashion "Bling-Bling" accessories. For my pink dress, I want to pair it with a white huge belt and high heels with matching white pouch bag. For my black dress, I want to pair it with a red hot belt and heels or a hot pink one.

I actually love Mixing and matching because it allows me to wear different and exciting looks even if I only have a small and limited wardrobe. It also allows  the most optimum use of my clothes and accessories. With an imaginative mixing and matching, I can make even the ordinary clothes look exciting even if I just bought it in an "Ukay - Ukay"  and I am pretty sure that it would stand out in a crowd.  Mix and match of clothes and accessories will definitely let you express and stamp your individuality and your style in your own fashion way. 

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