The Notebook

I remember this movie "The Notebook" when it was highly recommended by our fellow mommy bloggers from Girls Talk a month ago where they love to watch this movie together with husband or boyfriend. Yesterday, hubby and I finally got the chance to watch this movie on DVD and we were so amazed on how beautiful this love story is. My hubby is not fond of watching love story movies but after he saw this film, he said that it was such a nice movie!

I could say that this movie is brilliantly written with intriguing story about two young lovers where most people can relate to. Even most males like my hubby do will agree that this movie pulls at your heart strings because it is filled with fabulous quotes, and sentimental moments and I found this movie to be one of the best I've seen. This movie makes us think of what could have been and gives us a fresh look at the meaning of true love. I highly recommend this movie to anyone with a heart.

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