Sony’s PlayStation 3: What Can’t it Do?

The PlayStation 3 is the sequel release to none other than Sony’s PlayStation 2. There are a number of changes within the system that make playing PS3 games different than any other seventh generation gaming console currently on the market. Some of the features that make this gaming console one of the top leading sellers all over the world include the PlayStation Network; an online gaming service that allows players all over the world to play together and interact through the games. Also, the PS3 is chocked-full of various multimedia features. You can speak with fellow game players via text or through the game if you have the current headset; it displays photos in clear, top rate quality, and will play your movies and games seamlessly and with ease.

The coolness of the blue ray disc method is another integral reason for purchasing a PlayStation 3. When you use this console, you can integrate yourself into your games and take your play to an entirely new level. There are plenty of demos that allow you to try on your games before you buy. With all of this technology there are bound to be certain problems associate with their play and implementation. PlayStation has dedicated support teams to assist users so that they can consistently have an optimum gaming experience.

This generation of gamers, along with the gamers that have used numerous other consoles, will love using the PS3. It has a wide range of games, allows for interaction on a level never experienced before, and offers its owners unparalleled multimedia options. Its everything that a gamer could want all wrapped up in a nice and neat Sony package! Other game consoles really have a hard time competing with the PS3.

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