Thankful for My Direct Advertisers

While most of my blogger friends here are loaded with lots of paid opps and busy in writing reviews so they make it for the deadline, I am one of the bloggers who doesn't have much paid opportunity available since I'm still waiting for my blog to get approved from Sheriff. However, I am still thankful that there are some direct advertisers who wants to buy a sponsored post from me. I feel so happy and proud of myself because even if I am not a good blogger and writer, they are still interested to advertise and promote their product on my blog.

What I love about direct advertising is that I can set my own rate and I can utilize variable pricing to fit for these specific advertiser. I also have a direct contact with my advertisers and this would  help increase the likelihood of having long-term relationships and arrangements with them. While some advertising  brokers only allows to receive payment once a month, with direct advertising, it allows us to determine how we want to get paid and when. I was actually paid first before I write my review for their products. Direct advertising also increases the type of ads you can sell. Advertiser networks and link brokers usually go by predetermined space allocations or ad types but direct advertising allows you to sell any type of ads or links you want without signing up with various networks.

I could say that doing these types of ad deals is better than without having an income for my blog at all that's why I am so thankful for my direct advertisers and I am hoping for another sponsored post from them soon.

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