Why Some People are So Lucky?

I met some new friends from Facebook who are fond of joining contests online such as give aways and freebies and I wonder why they always win on most contests they joined everyday. Is it pure out of luck or do they have a lucky charm in them or they are just simply lucky when it comes to joining contests. Can you just imagine out of 1,000 people who joined and there is only 1 winner and he/she luckily wins? and take note, its not just a simple give away but its a fabulous one. Some of my friends won an Ipad, a touchscreen phone, a huge cash prize and even an all expense paid trip holiday to Boracay. Whoa! They are really lucky indeed!

I personally think some people are luckier than others because they are willing to take the chances that others might not. Quite often, we make our own luck, by being willing to go for something new, to take a chance where others might not dare to, and to be smart about it. They educate themselves in being innovative and to be able to see opportunities where others might not.

Sometimes we are lucky but we just don't acknowledge it. Luck is not just winning the lottery or online contests, but we are lucky when we met the right partner who loves us, when we got a decent job, having  a great kids, making a new friend, and more things that are maybe as exciting as winning a great amount of money but those things that are more realistic.

We make our own luck if we have an open eyes and mind to see what opportunities are out there!

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